• There are a few subtle, telltale internet startup signs, like several bottles of liquor hastily packed in a filing box on the lower floor, sitting next to a small CD mixer.


  • The fragrances are sold from two boutiques: one in Paris, a stone's throw from Rosenthal's jewelry shop, a second on the lower floor of Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan.

    FORBES: The Cult Of JAR

  • The hotel may not be one of the top international brands, but the service and accommodations here are world class — not to mention a gigantic, top-floor ballroom without those get-in-the way pillars and on a lower level, an infinity-edge swimming pool.

    FORBES: Kowloon's Hip Newer Hotels Give An Edge To Tsim Sha Tsui

  • One such project is the Ultralounge exhibition space on the London store's lower ground floor, which marries innovative art with a pop sensibility.

    FORBES: Power Women

  • It also has its own office, six hundred square feet on the top floor of a five-story walkup on Allen Street, on the Lower East Side, which doubles as the apartment of Peter Rojas, its founder.

    NEWYORKER: Critical Mass

  • While stocks can always go lower a 3% dividend yield (or higher) should help set a floor on the stock.

    FORBES: Apple's Shares Probably Saw Their Bottom

  • The arena design included over 175 suites on three different levels, and the lower level suites (sixteen rows from the floor) were a first in sports facilities design.

    FORBES: Tom Gores Puts His Stamp On The Detroit Pistons With Arena Renovations

  • Antonio Kandir, formerly Mr Cardoso's planning minister, and a member of the congressional committee on tax reform, expects the proposals to reach the floor of the lower house next month.

    ECONOMIST: Cardoso’s reform puzzle

  • Stripped of his suit jacket and tie and hanging on to what appears to be his office curtains, he is seen trying to lower himself outside a window to the floor immediately below.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Our right to security

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