• The smells of freshly made pastry, noodle soup and stir fry hang in the air.

    BBC: Reliving Shanghai��s 1930s past

  • Former Pats running back Curtis Martin still remembers how much he enjoyed her chicken noodle soup.

    CNN: Patriots' cry: Win it for Myra!

  • Now, the trading nations of Asia are responding with their own noodle soup of discriminatory deals.

    ECONOMIST: Noodle soup

  • He sniffed the jasmine and hot noodle soup on a night street in Hanoi.

    ECONOMIST: Nguyen Chi Thien

  • Food stalls sell beef-noodle soup, stinky tofu or the ubiquitous steamed pork dumplings.

    BBC: Musical destinations: Taipei, Taiwan

  • Each has its own rules and administrative requirements, leading to a confusing spaghetti (or perhaps noodle soup) of preferential agreements, instead of the predictability that multilateralism promises.

    ECONOMIST: Trade agreements

  • At the centre of its bewilderingly long menu is pho, traditional Vietnamese noodle soup served with a choice of beef, where the integral ingredient is a broth simmered slowly for many hours to develop its rich, deep flavour.

    BBC: Cheap ethnic eats in London

  • He likes to cook chicken noodle soup.

    WSJ: In My Kitchen: John Turturro

  • For my second try I braised the remaining racks of wild boar ribs, then cut them up and cooked them in a Chinese-style noodle soup, which would often contain chopped meats on the bone including pork ribs or duck or chicken.

    FORBES: Wild Boar: The Other Other White Meat?

  • The final stop, in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), includes chef-led cooking classes and a street-food tour -- and boundless opportunities for trying snacks such as banh mi (sandwiches), pho (spicy noodle soup), goi du du (green papaya salad) and banh xeo (rice pancakes with pork and shrimp).

    CNN: Exotic culinary tours around the world

  • Fortunately four to five meals per day of char kwey tiaw (fried noodles in soy sauce with egg and various additions), asam laksa (Penang's famous, indescribably good curry noodle soup), rojak (fruit and veggie salad in a sweet dark shrimp paste) and much, much more, goes down a lot easier than heavier Western foods.

    BBC: Finding a favourite hawker stall in Penang

  • As they get older they branch out, and foodies are on the lookout for the places that add a twist to old flavours, like making a particularly crispy oyster omelette (an egg omelette with tender fresh oysters) or using eel balls instead of fish balls in their wonton mee (noodle and wonton soup).

    BBC: Finding a favourite hawker stall in Penang

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