• As he did all this, he heard Suzie throwing up noisily in the bathroom.

    NEWYORKER: The Swan

  • The waves lapped more frequently on the sand behind my house, rocks rolling noisily over themselves.

    NEWYORKER: Swimming

  • It is a pity that Mr de Villiers does not trumpet this simple solution more noisily.

    ECONOMIST: Water

  • Noisily, she set up the tray table and dragged her chair to the side of his bed.

    NEWYORKER: The Visitor

  • Still, at normal driving pace, in traffic or around town, the V-8 just burbles along happily, not noisily.

    FORBES: Test Drives

  • Miles of sandstone facades are now quietly rotting away, sometimes noisily so when bits of masonry fall off.

    ECONOMIST: Conservation

  • At Amherst College many students were noisily furious when 40 teachers paraded into the dining hall with anti-war slogans.

    ECONOMIST: A youthquake that is helping George Bush

  • Tony read the letter over breakfast and shook his copy noisily at me—newsprint was crinkly and loud back then.

    NEWYORKER: Hand on the Shoulder

  • While Google (GOOG) noisily exited China last year, Baidu just kept its head down and collected money and market share.

    FORBES: Inside the Baidu Machine

  • Its claim has been noisily revived by its current president, Hugo Chavez.

    ECONOMIST: Oil, rockets and troubled waters

  • One way is to plunge viewers, noisily and chaotically, into the action.

    ECONOMIST: Recent events on film: Up close and historical | The

  • From his new power base in Krasnoyarsk, where he recently became governor, Mr Lebed last week noisily rejected Moscow's demands for economic co-operation.

    ECONOMIST: Could it lead to fascism?

  • Washington should noisily rethink its opposition to Japan and South Korea developing countervailing weapons if Pyongyang goes ahead and amasses a growing nuclear arsenal.

    FORBES: The "New" North Korea: Prisons With Designer Hand-Cuffs

  • Three Brothers worked noisily in the kitchen, preparing the one p.m. dinner, as Frank Scoles, a newly ordained priest, baked an angel food cake.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Exiles'

  • Surely, mutter diplomats, any country seeking to join the EU that had ejected Roma as noisily as France has would have its application held up.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • Obama picked up a picture book, flared her nostrils, and began sniffing noisily, in the manner of a bear foraging in the woods for dinner.

    NEWYORKER: The Other Obama

  • In 2001 federal fishery authorities, already aware of shrinking salmon numbers, shut off access to Klamath water for farmers in southern Oregon, who then protested noisily.

    ECONOMIST: Saving the fish of the Klamath river

  • But on a sweltering day this May the streets were crowded with noisily chanting protesters, all of them demonstrating against the military government of President Pervez Musharraf.

    NEWYORKER: Days of Rage

  • While Napolitano's election received a standing ovation from lawmakers and plaudits from abroad, several thousand people protested noisily outside Parliament, disappointed that Italy's old political guard hadn't changed.

    NPR: Napolitano Re-Elected Italy's President

  • In the wake of Kobe one of the doyens of Japanese seismology, Kiyoo Mogi, noisily quit his post as the government's top earthquake adviser because of the futility of the task.

    ECONOMIST: Nature rarely repeats itself | The

  • It is especially striking because the government has been noisily angry about a recent article in Time magazine portraying the prime minister as too old and sick to be trusted with nuclear weapons.

    ECONOMIST: India's economy

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