• Belief in low tax rates should be based on facts, not on the neo-classical economic faith.

    FORBES: How I Know Higher Taxes Would Be Good For The Economy

  • Much of its neo-classical splendour survives, but it is dazzlingly bright, with some striking modernist touches.

    BBC: Beyoglu, Istanbul: One Square Mile of Turkey

  • Alfred Marshall, one of the fathers of neo-classical economics, distrusted mathematics for this very reason.

    ECONOMIST: Economic models

  • No, Pigou, as the successor to Marshall, was very definitely a neo-classical economist.

    FORBES: Certain Lefty Economists Do So Annoy Me

  • Once through the giant neo-classical portico, however, the auditorium is quite cosy.

    BBC: Moscow��s Bolshoi Theatre returns

  • In 1757, Antonio Canova, Italian neo-classical sculptor whose works include the tombs of Pope Clement XIV and Clement XIII, was born.

    CNN: Saturday,

  • His partly-built house, a neo-classical mansion called Hamilton Palace, is on the estate the footpath crosses near Uckfield in East Sussex.

    BBC: Hoogstraten footpath to be cleared

  • Defaced by modern shopping malls, it pours into six old streets where stunning neo-classical mansions mix with an odd bunch of Soviet apartment blocks.

    BBC: Weekend in Kiev

  • Elegant, neo-classical buildings lined by chestnut trees were rebuilt after World War II as they were completely destroyed by the retreating Red Army in 1941.

    BBC: Weekend in Kiev

  • UCL's neo-classical quad, is South Bank University (formerly South Bank polytechnic).

    ECONOMIST: Higher education

  • It was Thomas Jefferson's favorite classical building--in fact, Jefferson based his whole conception of Neo-Classical architecture on it--and one obviously had to approach such a historical object with caution.


  • The exposition's buildings turned out to be mostly neo-classical pastiche, but the fair did bequeath a sense of cultural pride and, more tangibly, the makings of a new home for the Art Institute.

    ECONOMIST: To natural assets add art, learning and fun

  • The weaknesses of neo-classical free market economics have been exposed by the credit super-cycle, whilst the likelihood of a return to Keynesian management is remote (not least because of existing burdens of debt and welfare commitments).

    FORBES: Can America Innovate Its Way Out Of Debt?

  • Robbins also created a tax calculator and neo-classical economic model that make it possible to estimate the economic and revenue effects of changes to the tax code based upon how those changes alter the cost of capital and labor.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Immerse yourself in surroundings that evoke a more genteel era and watch treasures from the archives in the glass orangerie (modelled on Crystal Palace), silent films accompanied by live orchestration in the neo-classical drawing room or take part in a foley workshop (recording sound effects) in the crumbling stable block.

    BBC: Ireland's most offbeat festivals

  • Chicago has always understood the power of the arts, too, in helping it to carve out a strong identity (its art museum is staggering), and sitting among those iconic riverside buildings is the Lyric Opera of Chicago, a tempting mix of neo-classical exterior and golden art nouveau and art deco interior.

    BBC: Musical destinations: Chicago

  • It has never been hard to see the shortcomings, and at times the absurdities, of the neo-Hellenic project: the revival of classical glories in the shape of a smallish modern state whose people have by turns been inspired and depressed by their awesome heritage.

    ECONOMIST: Athens

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