• It is not possible to nationalise money as money is an international and intangible entity.

    BBC: Man looking at a falling graph

  • It was made worse after 1973 when Mr Mobutu began to nationalise mines and industries.

    ECONOMIST: The last days of Mobutu

  • The protest leaders also want to nationalise Bolivia's oil and gas industry and convene a constituent assembly.

    ECONOMIST: Bolivia

  • The most extreme and, in some ways, the most attractive option would be temporarily to nationalise the banks.

    ECONOMIST: Japan's banks

  • When Labour came to power, he wished naturally to persuade them to nationalise more industries and redistribute wealth.

    ECONOMIST: Lord Scanlon of Davyhulme

  • The Obama administration's decision not to nationalise the banks is presented as prima facie evidence of the oligarchs' power.

    ECONOMIST: The financial crisis and the future of regulation

  • For the same reason, they have resisted calls simply to nationalise the banks.

    ECONOMIST: The treasury secretary is torn between politics and policy

  • Mr Obama faced calls to nationalise the weakened banks and force them to lend, or to let them fail.

    ECONOMIST: Barack Obama��s economic record

  • Even Argentina has joined in, ignoring threats of reprisals to nationalise a Spanish-owned oil company, YPF (see article).

    ECONOMIST: Spain and the euro

  • Bolivia's new president, Evo Morales, swept to power in December promising to nationalise the country's oil and gas industry.

    ECONOMIST: Farewell to the apertura petrolera | The

  • Subsequently it had to be bailed out by the government, which then went on to nationalise the bank in February 2008.

    BBC: Appeal defeat for Rock investors

  • Second, you have to avoid a simultaneous banking crisis or bank run: so you need to nationalise and rationalise the banks.

    BBC: Greece: How do you save an economy from going bust?

  • Speaking at a rally in La Paz on Wednesday, Mr Morales said he "would only nationalise the dignity of the Bolivian people".

    BBC: Evo Morales on 1 May 2013

  • De Beers operates in some tricky countries: Angola is unstable and South Africa has politicians who would love to nationalise its mines.

    ECONOMIST: Diamonds

  • This raises the possibility that Mr Bush will nationalise the blame for educational failure without nationalising the means to eliminate that failure.

    ECONOMIST: The education president (Part 2)

  • But this would effectively nationalise private debts, hardly a desirable outcome.

    ECONOMIST: East Asia

  • However, the government announced in April that it would nationalise YPF.

    ECONOMIST: Politics in Argentina

  • Officials insist that plans to nationalise the telecommunications and electricity industries, announced last month, will not trigger a fall in tax revenues, though opponents doubt that.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela

  • French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici has sought to play down fears that Mr Hollande's Socialist government might be seeking to nationalise large firms on a permanent basis.

    BBC: SOS sign at Arcelor Mittal's steel plant

  • But the Argentine government says it will not back down in its decision to nationalise YPF, which it says is a lawful action taken in the national interest.

    BBC: YPF oil: Spain prepares response to Argentina

  • In 1990 Mario Vargas Llosa, one of Latin America's foremost novelists, enraged by a government attempt to nationalise his country's banks, cast aside his pen and threw himself into politics.

    ECONOMIST: Jaime Bayly��s breath of fresh air

  • Successive governments did indeed nationalise too widely, interfere too much, overtax people and run stop-go policies but they were not so much worse than governments in other, more successful countries such as France or Italy.

    ECONOMIST: British industrial decline

  • Finance ministers from the G20 killed off a proposal for a global bank levy after strong opposition to the idea from several nations, led by Canada, which has not had to nationalise its financial companies.

    ECONOMIST: Business this week

  • And if he were to lose this battle, he might well be better off launching a takeover bid to acquire all of RBS - to nationalise it fully - than recapitalising the bank through an exercise of the existing rescue mechanism.

    BBC: If RBS needs capital, taxpayers will suffer

  • With Labour forced to nationalise Northern Rock, it looked like the Tories would be able to paint Gordon Brown as returning to his old Labour roots, allowing the Conservatives to reclaim the economic high ground which they had enjoyed under Margaret Thatcher.

    BBC: Political review 2008: Conservatives

  • During his brief stint in office, he has concentrated relentlessly on honouring his four big campaign promises: a debt moratorium for farmers, investment funds directed at the village level, cheap new health services and a centralised agency to nationalise and clean up corporate debts.

    ECONOMIST: Thailand

  • At the same time, much-needed foreign investors are being frightened away by Mr Mugabe's repeated threats to nationalise British and American companies and force other foreign-owned firms to sell a majority stake to black Zimbabweans at a price apparently to be set by the government by the end of September.

    ECONOMIST: Zimbabwe

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