• There are numerous coach training programs across the country, but no one national standard for certification.

    CNN: Getting 'unstuck': Does your life need a coach?

  • Half the Senate has already voiced its opinion in favor of a national standard.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The rights of the states to manage their own election procedures makes having a national standard difficult.

    FORBES: The Technological Foundations Of Today's Election Are Shaky, Especially In Ohio

  • It would establish a national standard for awarding punitive damages that is more strict than many existing state laws.

    CNN: By Juliana Gruenwald, CQ Staff Writer

  • Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) offered a proposal to suspend EPA regulations for two years and to also create a national standard for motor vehicles.

    FORBES: Reining In The EPA's Reign Of Error

  • The charities say the lack of a national standard has led to an inconsistent and often poor response to wildlife crime from police.

    BBC: Wildlife crime 'not taken seriously'

  • In response to criticisms from the national taxpayer advocate and taxpayer representatives, the IRS expanded the National Standard miscellaneous allowance to include additional items.

    FORBES: New IRS Offer In Compromise Policies

  • Instead, the minimum benefit should be tied to a single, national standard that sets a floor based on what a basic, consumer-directed plan now offers.

    FORBES: Obamacare Starts In 2013, As Should Plans To Reform It

  • The extent of conversation, Jacques says, made it seem to make sense to create a national standard for how a treatment like Provenge would be covered.

    FORBES: Why Medicare Is Reviewing Provenge

  • He argues that a national standard "makes absolutely no sense" because it would be too costly to customers of utilities in some regions of the country.

    FORBES: Tilting At Windmills

  • Of course a national standard for such public dashboards will have an effect similar to when, despite initial resistance, all football players were required to wear helmets.

    FORBES: How Hospitals Can Stop Killing So Many Patients

  • James Lockhart, head of the agency, urged U.S. mortgage servicing firms--companies that process payments of loans rather than owning them outright--to adopt the plan as a national standard.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Others, like Chicago-based Exelon, support a national standard of 15% by 2020, but they also want to make sure states get credit for their own standards as well.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In addition, the administration will set a higher national standard for vehicle tailpipe emissions that matches the stringent rules that California and 13 other states sought to apply.

    FORBES: Autos

  • At issue is a controversial national standard requiring credit-card companies to consider consumers' independent income, rather than their household income, when they determine whether or not to extend credit.

    WSJ: Moms May Benefit From Credit-Card Rule Fix

  • It's somewhat of a formality--last month, the administration announced that automakers agreed to a national standard for tailpipe emissions and an acceleration of the government's schedule for fuel-economy standards.

    FORBES: Business In The Beltway

  • Michelle Rhee, the chancellor of the public schools and a national standard-bearer for education reform, repeatedly ran up against the teachers' union as she dismissed hundreds of teachers and administrators.

    ECONOMIST: Unemployment costs the mayor his job

  • The report also called for an end to the ever-tightening restrictions being placed on access, arguing there should be a national standard so everyone had the same access no matter where they lived.

    BBC: Social care costs 'should be capped at ?35,000'

  • These three virtues in the fiscal cliff are highly positive and will only increase the pool of available risk-taking capital in the economy, thereby increasing the capital-to-labor ratio and improving the national standard of living.

    FORBES: Why The Fiscal Cliff Deal Is Better Than You Think

  • Also, in its favor, the legislation has the support of business organizations that include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, since it would establish a single national standard for E-Verify, rather than a patchwork of state requirements.

    FORBES: Analysis: What's the Next Step for E-Verify?

  • On Friday, the wind energy industry, which would be the biggest beneficiary of the national standard, launched a media blitz to try to sway at least 11 key members of Congress to vote for Udall's plan.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Concord Law is fully accredited by the California Bar Association and the Distance Education Training Council, the industry's national standard bearer, and most of Kaplan College's other online courses also are accredited through their associations and boards.

    CNN: Kaplan is starting an online college -- minus the keggers

  • The inhabitants of Taltal, for instance, a small fishing and mining town in northern Chile, on Independence Day last month bedecked the town not with the traditional national standard but with black flags, in mourning for lost jobs.

    ECONOMIST: Chile

  • The national standard set by the UK government is for clocks to go forward one hour at 01:00 on the last Sunday in March, and they go back one hour at 02:00 on the last Sunday in October.

    BBC: Fusion Nightclub and Luna Bar owner Adam Burroughs

  • Reuters reported Tuesday that Cook apologized for offering a warranty below the national standard for their smart phones and tablets following a rash of consumer and even more so official complaint in the Chinese state run media.

    FORBES: Tim Cook Bows To China - Report

  • If one looks at the performance of HCA hospitals on the national standard measures of clinical performance as published on CMS Hospital Compare, one would find that HCA is among the very best performing healthcare providers in the nation.

    FORBES: Profitable Hospitals To Forbes: Who Me?

  • The goal is to set one national standard that will rapidly increase fuel efficiency -- without compromising safety -- by an average of 5 percent each year between 2012 and 2016, building on the 2011 standard my administration set shortly after taking office.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama: A New Consensus on Auto Emissions

  • "Ensuring our data is as robust as it can be has a direct impact on public trust and confidence and we will continue to ensure forces continue to meet the national standard when it comes to recording crimes, " said Mr Paxton, Deputy Chief Constable of Staffordshire Police.

    BBC: Fall in crime in England and Wales 'may be exaggerated'

  • He took historic action -- his administration did -- to confront climate change, including proposing the first national standard for harmful carbon pollution for new power plants, as well as establishing unprecedented standards for cars and trucks that will slash emissions of carbon pollution while, at the same time, saving consumers billions of dollars.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • He said CNC officers carry firearms and were trained to a national firearms standard.

    BBC: Wylfa and other UK nuclear stations in 'safe hands'

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