nasty adj. 下流的;肮脏的;脾气不好的;险恶的...

Nasca n. 纳斯卡(德国一家具公司);纳斯卡(...

  • But also, there is reason to hope that next year's recession, if it comes, will not be as nasty a bust as Britain's previous slumps—precisely because the macroeconomic policies of this government and its predecessor have been less volatile.

    ECONOMIST: Britain’s next recession

  • We had a nasty moment in a restaurant when Myleene was surrounded by particularly persistent paparazzi pursuing pictures of her baby.

    CNN: Behind the red carpet at Cannes

  • In 1993, he had a nasty accident when a car stuck him in Harvard Square while he was on his two-wheeler.


  • Soon after, following a nasty confrontation at a board meeting, Leute resigned.

    FORBES: Medicine Man

  • Though the role, clearly, is not the man, were he to win this time it might be thought to leave a nasty taste on a night when Hollywood routinely congratulates itself on its good taste and wholesome entertainment values.

    ECONOMIST: Spotting the winners

  • By the time a stockbroker realizes that he or she is embroiled in a nasty dispute between a married couple, the damage is often done — and upon looking back, the warning signs suddenly look much clearer than when they first manifested themselves.

    FORBES: Husband's Unauthorized Withdrawals Land Stockbroker In Hot Water

  • By the time a stockbroker realizes that he or she is embroiled in a nasty dispute between a married couple (or in this case a mess involving surviving and deceased spouses and their heirs), the damage is often done — and upon looking back, the warning signs suddenly look much clearer than when they first manifested themselves.

    FORBES: Till Death Do Us Part Stumps Stockbroker

  • She felt around in the blocked sink with her rubber gloves, poking into the plughole with the toothbrush, pulling at the ends of the fibres caught in the trap, tugging and coaxing until she began to deliver up out of the drain a nasty mass, a thick rope of hair and soap and matted insulation, in a gulp of bad drain smell.

    NEWYORKER: Friendly Fire

  • Here is a nasty authoritarian regime with a rapidly modernising army far larger than its defensive needs require.

    ECONOMIST: The dragon comes calling

  • MCI, WorldCom had given the old guard a nasty fright by launching a service to carry fax traffic over the Internet.

    ECONOMIST: Snatching BT’s bride

  • Southgate's team were knocked out of their stride by the loss of Downing, who hobbled off with a nasty-looking injury following a heavy challenge by Stiliyan Petrov.

    BBC: Middlesbrough 1-1 Aston Villa

  • However, letting a nasty problem fester almost always guarantees a future crisis.

    FORBES: First Thing's First: Stock Circuit-Breakers In Place

  • Mr de Villepin knows well from his study of French history that forelock-tuggers can quickly turn nasty in a crowd.

    BBC: Profile: Dominique de Villepin

  • Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) had a huge move since the start of the year, but a pretty nasty topping tail with a screaming RSI got me short this yesterday.

    FORBES: Apple Holds Its Bounce, First Solar Fires Up Again

  • Blood was spilled in the first women's field hockey semifinal, as New Zealand player Katie Glynn took a nasty blow to the head from a Dutch opponent's stick.

    CNN: Olympics Day 12: Golden day for the U.S.

  • The Guinness Premiership side suffered an early blow when Cuthbert was forced off early in the second half, getting his tackling position all wrong and suffering a nasty blow to the head as a result.

    BBC: Cardiff Blues 24-18 Bath

  • Llanelli lock Chris Wyatt left the field with a nasty cut above his eye after a skirmish with Chris Anthony, but the referee decided to keep his red and yellow cards firmly in his pocket.

    BBC: Llanelli (10) 32

  • Taking out a nasty tumor will not necessarily bring about a cure.


  • Weaver still has a nasty scar of his right leg from a cut he got while being tossed about in the turbulent waters.

    NPR: New Orleans: A Tale Of 2 Cities Since Katrina

  • "Google, because of the way it stores things, can perpetuate a problem, " says founder Craig Newmark, who recently spent an afternoon chasing a user who wrote six nasty messages about a neighbor.

    FORBES: Google Me Not

  • Earlier this year she helped Stevens recover after a nasty crash in an Italian race cost Stevens a chance for a win.

    WSJ: Evelyn Stevens Gets an Assist From Connie Carpenter: Cycling's Luke Finds Her Obi-Wan -- London 2012

  • The expiration of the Bush tax cuts and the beginning of a 3.8% surcharge on investment income are combining to deliver a nasty punch to people who sell assets at a gain.

    FORBES: Eight Reasons Not to Take Profits Now

  • The visitors lost their skipper to a nasty looking injury but were soon celebrating when a thunderous Hughes free kick flew through a ruck of bodies and eluded Balogh to find the net.

    BBC: Hearts 2-1 Motherwell

  • When the regional crisis hit, Malaysia was not only in the middle of a nasty property glut, but was suffering from a credit explosion, with total bank credit expanding by 34% in 1997 alone.

    ECONOMIST: Malaysia

  • That's because the viral approach is spreading a nasty Web infection known as Third Voice, a startup firm's free software that lets users view a Web site and paste their own snarky little broadsides on top.

    FORBES: Wisecrack-ware

  • Nor is there much worry about a potential nasty side-effect of a booming current-account surplus: rising inflation.

    ECONOMIST: Will China float the yuan, revalue it up a bit, or neither?

  • Moreover, Apple is locked into a nasty legal battle with Samsung which happens to be a formidable competitor — offering 80 different smart phone models.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • In an unremarkable office building one floor above, Edward Anderson ignores a nasty head cold and scrutinizes the expense budgets of a handful of private companies.

    FORBES: Cool Heads

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