• Residents proudly call the narrow strip of prosperity along the canal a Latin American Singapore.

    ECONOMIST: The Panama Canal

  • This area includes the disputed Posavina corridor, a narrow strip of land that Serbs now control.

    CNN: Bosnia divided before and after the war

  • Overhung by a cliff face studded with giant stalactites, the water is illuminated by a narrow strip of sunlight overhead.

    BBC: Livin�� la vida Bonito

  • Shore: narrow strip of land in immediate contact with the sea.


  • "As of mid-March, only a narrow strip of shelf ice was protecting several thousand kilometers of potential further break-up, " the group said.

    CNN: Massive ice shelf on verge of breakup

  • Meanwhile, Gaza's other neighbour, Israel, still launches incursions to enforce a buffer-zone inside the narrow strip and to keep it locked down.

    ECONOMIST: The Gaza Strip

  • Dozens of mining companies are trawling the narrow strip of land abutting its 44, 087-kilometre coastline for diamonds, gold and rubies and possibly more exotic treasures.

    ECONOMIST: Oil in Greenland

  • Arizona also claims the third-fastest road: Route 77, which follows a narrow strip of green terrain alongside the San Pedro River as it winds through the desert.


  • Trieste is in a geographic cul-de-sac, with the Adriatic Sea to the south and west, Slovenia to the east and a narrow strip of land connecting it to the rest of Italy.

    WSJ: Italian Soccer Team Employs Fake Fans

  • There were graves but hardly what could be called a churchyard: no more than a narrow strip of land beside a path close to the church itself, running all the way around it.

    NEWYORKER: Faith

  • On either side of the river, however, running down the valley, there is a narrow strip of wheat fields and poppy fields, and for several weeks in the spring the poppies bloom: lovely, open-petalled white, pink, red, and magenta blossoms, the darker colors indicating the ones with the most opium.

    NEWYORKER: The Taliban��s Opium War

  • Taking their cue from a line in which one of the characters describes the Porters' one-room flat as "a very narrow strip of plain hell, " they have built a flat black wall five feet from the lip of the theater's stage, creating a claustrophobically narrow playing area in which the action takes place.

    WSJ: Look Back in Anger | Still Angry After All These Years | Theater Review by Terry Teachout

  • Take for example Watt's 12th District in North Carolina, a narrow, serpentine strip that nearly dissects the state as it snakes 80 miles along Interstate 85.


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