• Once the strip was under Hamas's total control, Israel declared it a hostile entity, and prevented movement to and from the territory.

    ECONOMIST: Israel and Gaza

  • We must ensure that the 2012 coverage is a success but we must also have an eye on using the power of a home Games to inspire a change in attitudes to our sport so that the Paralympic movement continues to grow from now and is promoted beyond 2012.

    BBC: Channel 4 lands 2012 Paralympics

  • First, it will tie a program of paid TV spots and other advertising directly to Fiesta Movement content — and derived only from it.

    FORBES: This Time Ford Fiesta Movement Aims At Selling More Fiestas

  • As I said yesterday, all this talk of fiscal union and accelerated treaty change was meant to produce some movement from Germany, and the ECB.

    BBC: Germany, France and the ECB

  • In the second incident, Corrie was brought to Gaza by the non-Israeli, jihad supporting International Solidarity Movement and deployed to block IDF forces from carrying out counterterror operations.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Rise of the suicide protests

  • Prof Edgerton speculated that "we are activating the spinal cord to a critical level" close to the level which would trigger movement, and a small signal from "the brain pushes it over" leading to movement.

    BBC: Paralysed rats 'learn to walk'

  • "The longer we allow the administration to delay meaningful movement, and the longer we fail to extract ourselves from this quagmire, the more dangerous this failed foreign policy becomes to America and the rest of the world, " the lawmakers said.

    CNN: Anti-war House Dems demand 'clear timeline' for pullout

  • "David Cameron has a duty as the most senior politician in the anti-independence movement to come forward and stop hiding from this challenge, " she said.

    BBC: Scotland politics

  • In these situations, the brain and body appear to be unable to process and interpret muscle and movement information from the senses correctly, she says.

    WSJ: ADHD Warning Signs and Kids: Growing Pains or Cause for Concern?

  • Now at least seven major Japanese citizens groups are distributing blacklists compiled on their own and launching a "movement to expel political misfits" in an effort to "drive out unworthy politicians and candidates from Nagatacho!"

    CNN: From Our Correspondent: A Gift From Korea

  • At the start, America tried to keep the gates open, brokering an Agreement on Movement and Access with Israel to allow the export from Gaza of hundreds of trucks of produce a day, regular bus convoys to and from the West Bank and the opening of a Palestinian-controlled crossing at Rafah to Egypt.

    ECONOMIST: Israel and Gaza

  • "It's not a matter of choice between Facebook and MySpace, it was a movement to Facebook from MySpace, " she said, a movement that largely included the educated and the upper-class.

    CNN: Does class decide online social networks?

  • Hence, the great westward migrations throughout our history, not to mention the mass movement of African-Americans from the South to the North and, more recently, that of Latinos throughout the country.

    FORBES: Movin' On to Happiness

  • Yet, so many non-union workers appear to be oblivious to how they benefit from the union movement and are actually rooting for the forces that would bring the union era to an end.

    FORBES: Public Employee Unions Failing Badly At Public Relations

  • But even a grassroots effort like the Innovation Movement needs support from influential leaders, writers and pundits to form it into a true political movement.

    FORBES: We Can All Support an IT Party

  • Militant groups in the region "have been trying to put a more Iraqi face" on their movement and have been trying to "exclude the foreign militants from a public role, " Bergen said.

    CNN: Is al Qaeda in Iraq fighting a Sunni backlash?

  • In the Cold War, freedom defeated the ideology of communism and led to a democratic movement that freed the nations of Eastern and Central Europe from Soviet domination — and today these nations are allies in the war on terror.

    NPR: Bush Reaffirms Iraq Strategy

  • The Syrian army has also boosted its presence along the previously unpatrolled Lebanese border, to stem the movement of people and weapons from loosely-policed Lebanon.

    ECONOMIST: Syria and Lebanon

  • Pro-marriage-freedom Republicans are on the right side of history and in time their courage and contributions will help erase the stain of bigotry that holds the conservative movement back and stops us from connecting to a rising generation of Americans.

    CNN: Slowly, GOP shifting on same-sex marriage

  • The EU and US imposed sanctions on Mr Mugabe and his inner circle after accusing them of unleashing violence and rigging previous election to prevent Mr Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) from taking power.

    BBC: Zimbabwe 'bars' EU and US from observing polls

  • He has lent his cautious support to the movement, sending delegations of his supporters from southern Iraq to the tent city, and opening a crack in the sectarian narrative.

    BBC: Protests engulf west Iraq as Anbar rises against Maliki

  • Israel can also advance the cause of peace by taking appropriate steps — consistent with its security — to ease the freedom of movement for Palestinians, improve economic conditions in the West Bank, and to refrain from building new settlements — as it agreed to with the Bush administration at Annapolis.

    NPR: Transcript: Obama's Speech at AIPAC

  • As gold aversion surged, investors bought gold to hedge out tail risk and destructive scenarios, including a Cypriot Eurozone exit and political risk in Italy, where Pier Luigi Bersani has failed to garner support from Silvio Berlusconi and Beppe Grillo of the 5-Star Movement to form a government.

    FORBES: Central Banks Bought More Than $3B In Gold In 2013: UBS

  • Quicker than you can say "order up", those flash mobs turned into a cult, and the cult into a movement with gourmet trucks operated by chefs from up-and-comers to TV celebrities.

    BBC: The LA food truck revival

  • This movement's ideals spread to other regions, and from it, a U.S.- and Iraqi-backed program called the Sons of Iraq emerged.

    CNN: U.S. deaths in Iraq down 66 percent from last year

  • Without money or resources, climate refugees will likely stay within their own borders, accelerating movement from rural areas to urban centers and crowding into cities already bursting at the seams.

    CNN: Climate change may displace up to 200 million

  • The West Bank and Gaza Strip have been run by separate administrations since June 2007, when the Islamist militant group Hamas ousted forces loyal to Mr Abbas and his Fatah movement from the Gaza Strip.

    BBC: Pope 'to visit Holy Land in May'

  • At the Semicon show people told me that the semiconductor equipment shows in Asia ( China and Japan) are now much bigger than in the US. This reflects the movement of manufacturing and design from the US to other countries.

    FORBES: The Engines of Innovation

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