• Wi-Fi uses a number of smaller antennas, called "nodes, " to build a mesh network.

    NPR: Broadening the Reach of Broadband

  • But the Sonos Digital Music System takes a fundamentally different approach, using a mesh network to deliver music to multiple rooms.

    ENGADGET: Switched On: The musical mesh for the moneyed

  • Think Automatic's Luminode dimmer switch hides both a processor and a mesh network connection that lets every switch in the home coordinate with each other.

    ENGADGET: Insert Coin: Luminode dimmer switch runs on a mesh network, learns to light up our lives (video)

  • Going deeper down the rabbit hole, Radiator Labs is exploring some nifty technologies such as an Xbee mesh network, which it's using to evaluate the energy-saving benefits at play.


  • The big idea: putting sensors everywhere that communicate in a mesh network and allow real-time tracking and optimization of everything from traffic to the power grid to the water supply.

    FORBES: Researcher Throws A Wrench In IBM And HP's Sensor Networks

  • The city of Taipei, Taiwan, is currently deploying a mesh network that will eventually blanket the city, installing wireless mesh antennas on street lamps, in train stations and on the side of buildings.

    FORBES: Think You're Wireless? Think Again

  • Police and firemen and other city employees in Medford, Oregon, have this year started using a mesh network to connect to the internet while on the road, but very few ordinary consumers are meshers.

    ECONOMIST: Spectrum policy

  • Also important, this processing power combined with advanced digital radio interface and signaling capabilities enables small-cell base stations to operate in a more efficient and dynamic mesh network, as opposed to a relatively static, point-to-point macro only system.

    FORBES: The Solution For The Bandwidth Shortage? Better Silicon Devices

  • In the very near future, the North American power grid will be populated by a bewildering array of distributed energy resources ranging from building-integrated solar photovoltaics and micro-cogen to intelligent control systems and mesh network lighting.

    FORBES: Engaging the Electric Grid - From Information to Intelligence

  • The change came as Itron's research group in Paris realized it could exploit inexpensive new wireless chips and open-source software to create a so-called mesh network of electric meters that passed information among themselves, like firemen in a bucket brigade, instead of relying on expensive and less reliable individual connections to the Internet.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Zerocoins would theoretically mesh seamlessly with the Bitcoin network, could be traded and spent in the same way as Bitcoins, and could be redeemed for a Bitcoin at any time.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Once equipped with mesh-enabled devices, soldiers fanning out on a field or firefighters in a burning building could create an impromptu network, automatically transmitting communications from person to person until returning back to commanders.

    FORBES: Motorola Moves Into Mesh

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