• Researchers can then mine the data collected by Luminosity to learn more about human cognition.

    CNN: Hidden gems of the Webby Award nominees

  • Looking even further ahead, the Sun will increase its luminosity by about 40% in three billion years.

    BBC: Blue Marble Nasa

  • Mr. BERNS: It certainly changed what he was trying to achieve, which was to create this notion of luminosity.

    NPR: Using Science to Rescue Art

  • Here, I swim through a canyon filled with green water of such violent luminosity that it's like breaststroking through a radioactive Midori cocktail.

    WSJ: The Philippines's Strange Paradise

  • The model corrected for possible distortions in luminosity resulting from non-economic sources like reflections on large bodies of water, which can distort satellite images.

    FORBES: The Case for Keeping the Lights On

  • "I don't see much evidence that any of them have overdone it in the sun, " he says, recommending a tinted moisturizer for light but effective coverage and luminosity.

    WSJ: Prime Time | Beauty's New HD-Ready Icons

  • The same luminosity illuminates the Virgin's face, strikes the crystal scepter clutched by the Angel, and dances all over the bejeweled accoutrements he is wearing with such pride.

    WSJ: Jan van Eyck | 'The Annunciation' | Old Subject, New Approach | Masterpiece | By Richard Cork

  • It is similar to a Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) diagram but the latter plots luminosity (or absolute magnitude) rather than just apparent brightness and a knowledge of the distances of the stars plotted is also needed.

    ENGADGET: 9-gigapixel image of the Milky Way reminds us just how small we truly are

  • If you give in to its measured ebb and flow, you will find yourself in an intense, poetic world in which the simplest objects a maggoty sheep, a half-finished shed take on a quiet but magical luminosity.

    ECONOMIST: New Irish fiction

  • The most basic of the indexes rates a world's suitability for life based on its place within a habitable zone, which is calculated by a planet's distance from its parent star, the star's luminosity and temperature.

    WSJ: Login/Register to set your edition

  • Scientists have used chromophores for decades to detect chemicals, but, until Fido, they weren't sensitive enough to detect trace explosives because each molecule of TNT vapor would switch off just a single chromophore, with the result that faint wisps of evil chemicals caused no visible change in luminosity.


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