• We've played a leading part, perhaps the leading part, in trying to deal with this extremely complex and difficult situation.

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  • Mr Heseltine even bobbed up later on television to remind Mr Blair that he was available, if summoned, to play a leading part in any campaign to promote euro membership.

    ECONOMIST: Not quite across the Rubicon

  • In 2000, along with Dame Vera Lynn, he played a leading part in a British Legion campaign to obtain payments for surviving prisoners of war who had been held by the Japanese.

    BBC: England

  • But Unite believes a general strike "would be a landmark in our movement's recovery of its morale, strength and capacity to play a leading part in a society crying out for credible and honourable leadership".

    BBC: Unite trade union calls for general strike

  • On Dixey's death in 1964, an obituary said "because of her natural dignity and refinement both on the stage and in private life, she played a leading part in making striptease into an acceptable entertainment".

    BBC: Row over plaque for stripper Phyllis Dixey on London flats

  • Most of his close friends from the Yeltsin era, such as the past and present chief of staff, Alexander Voloshin, and the consummate Kremlin insider, Valentin Yumashev, an imidzhmeker who played a leading part in promoting Mr Putin in the West, seem as powerful as before.

    ECONOMIST: Boris Berezovsky, puppeteer or future victim?

  • But if you are having difficulty communicating with your loan servicer which has been a common complaint through the credit crisis, leading in part to the regulatory cease and desist orders against the largest national mortgage servicers Chapter 13 can lead to a court-supervised loan modification.

    FORBES: Going Bankrupt in 2012, but Keeping Your Home

  • The murders of Sir Norman Stronge, 87, the former Stormont Speaker and his son, James, a leading unionist and part-time RUC officer are detailed in confidential files newly released in Belfast.

    BBC: Stronge double murder detailed in government files

  • Intrepidus was established in 2006 and is part of leading global information assurance organization NCC Group plc.

    ENGADGET: ZTE partnering with Intrepidus to secure future smartphones

  • Tyagi said her favourite part about leading book tours is watching readers interact with a world presented to them as one author has experienced it.

    BBC: Literary Mumbai

  • Provided, that is, that he is not by then leading the cabinet or part of it, in which case he could by law claim immunity from prosecution.

    ECONOMIST: Japan��s leadership challenge

  • In the face of strong opposition to such an action on the part of leading legislators, it appears that the Administration has decided to do it piecemeal and through budgetary legerdemain, rather than formally and overtly.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • Also, many of today's leading Brazilian politicians played a part in the opposition to military rule.

    ECONOMIST: Liberalism in Brazil

  • Professor Paul Salkovskis, a leading clinical psychologist, said part of the problem was society's squeamishness about going to the toilet.

    BBC: A source of anguish for many

  • New York struggled in large part because its leading scorer did, too.

    WSJ: Warriors whip Knicks 92-63 behind Curry, Lee

  • Despite being based on Margaret Atwood's best-selling novel, there was little Hollywood interest in making the film and a number of leading actresses turned down the part before it was offered to Richardson.

    BBC: Obituary: Natasha Richardson

  • Last quarter, its PBM revenues grew 32% as it processed 17% more mail choice and 26% more pharmacy network claims compared to the prior year period, benefiting from its leading market share in Medicare Part D prescription business as well as high growth in specialty pharmacy and strong adoption of its Maintenance Choice plans.

    FORBES: Six Reasons Why We Are Bullish On CVS Caremark Stock

  • Dutch, German, British and US police forces took part in the investigation leading to the arrest, Spanish authorities said.

    BBC: Spamhaus hacking suspect 'had mobile attack van'

  • Much needed infrastructure projects are being pushed forward, even leading to blackouts in the northern part of the country last week.

    FORBES: India: This Elephant's Still Gasping

  • In a late Monday letter, Issa made clear he wanted the documents ahead of time and also wanted Grassley, a leading Holder critic, to take part.

    CNN: Issa: Holder must turn over documents or face contempt vote

  • You have the chance to take on greater responsibilities on the global stage while playing a leading role in this hugely important part of the world.

    WHITEHOUSE: Town Hall with Students in Mumbai

  • Oliver Herzfeld is the Chief Legal Officer at Beanstalk, a leading global brand licensing agency and part of the Diversified Agency Services division of Omnicom Group.

    FORBES: Protecting Fashion Designs

  • Michael Stone is the CEO and founder of Beanstalk, a leading global brand licensing agency and part of the Diversified Agency Services division of Omnicom Group.

    FORBES: The Over Under on Best Buy, RadioShack and GameStop

  • The global advertising program is running in leading publications in India and is part of a several initiatives in a multi-pronged consumer campaign that Gemfields will roll out this year.

    FORBES: Mila Kunis Named Ambassador Of Emerald Company

  • In a televised statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that the attack was "perpetrated by Hezbollah, Iran's leading terrorist proxy, " as part of a global campaign that has reached a dozen countries on five continents.


  • Little of what its Chinese subsidiary, Foxconn, produces is directly disclosed by the company but it is broadly believed to include iPods, Nintendo and Microsoft games consoles and laptops, either in whole or part, for most leading brands.

    ECONOMIST: Chinese business

  • Vasco Lourenco, one of the army officers who helped end decades of dictatorship in 1974, with a coup that ushered in free elections and social reforms, was among several leading figures who refused to take part in official ceremonies this Thursday to mark its anniversary.

    BBC: Austerity: Views across Europe

  • The former defence secretary is not only one of the Tories' few big political talents but also a potential rival who will pose a lesser threat to Mr Hague if he has been part of the team leading the party to its expected election defeat.

    ECONOMIST: The Tory leader

  • Last night the veteran rowers took part in their event, leading to success for the Caradon men's team rowing in Amazon.

    BBC: Racers gather for Isles of Scilly gig championship

  • Part of the industry-leading Infectiguard Kids line, Angry Birds Hand Sanitizer offers a slim and slick profile, perfect for tiny hands.


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