• So his attempts to win over the Labour movement could prove a make-or-break time for his leadership.

    BBC: Blair's crucial conference speech

  • EEC, as it then was, in 1983, the Labour movement reversed its position in the late 1980s.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • The author had no sympathy for the working class Chartist labour movement and he was certainly no trade unionist.

    BBC: Charles Dickens

  • Sir Deian is an historian of the Welsh labour movement and his new post will last for four years.

    BBC: Sir Deian Hopkin

  • Indeed a classic demand of the 19th Century labour movement was "Eight hours labour, Eight hours recreation, Eight hours rest".

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Magazine | Why should we have eight hours' sleep?

  • Today, the American labour movement is dominated by the AFL-CIO, the successor to the union of unions Gompers founded in 1886.

    ECONOMIST: The epic story of labour in America

  • His book follows memoirs written by several other key figures in the New Labour movement, including Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson.

    BBC: Gordon Brown warns cuts are a 'great misjudgement'

  • Mr Straw said he would be "welcomed back into the Labour movement".

    BBC: David Miliband 'feared being distraction' for Labour

  • His backers in the labour movement may not say "chicken" out loud but there are bound to be mutterings in the ranks.

    BBC: Will Wisconsin affect the presidential race?

  • Former prime minister Gordon Brown, who was a close personal friend, said Mr Falconer spent his life working for the Labour movement.

    BBC: Tributes paid to former MEP Alex Falconer

  • Sir Deian Hopkin, a historian of the labour movement, told BBC Radio Wales that she had failed to mitigate the impact on those communities.

    BBC: Wales politics

  • The leaders of the growing labour movement were exactly the kind of self-educated men who prided themselves on a fierce intellectual independence from ready-made doctrine.

    ECONOMIST: Cultural history

  • If the labour movement is to prosper, it must adopt different strategies and find ways to be relevant to workers in new sorts of jobs.

    ECONOMIST: Unions

  • And America's labour movement as a whole is a diminishing force.

    ECONOMIST: The shrinking power of America's unions

  • One of the giants of the Labour movement, John Prescott has been deputy leader of the Labour Party since 1994, and Deputy Prime Minister since 1997.

    BBC: John Prescott

  • Since then, albeit in fits and starts, the labour movement has marginalised its politicised left and concentrated its attention on the bread-and-butter issues of wages, hours and benefits.

    ECONOMIST: The epic story of labour in America

  • As I said earlier, the whole invest and reform agenda has been a very sharp matter of political discussion within the Labour movement, over the last year or so.

    BBC: Breakfast with Frost

  • Former minister Peter Kilfoyle has said Mr Mandelson's return to the "inner circles" of government would be "unpalatable" to many people in the Labour movement and in public life generally.

    BBC: Mandelson rules out comeback

  • The divisions in America's labour movement burst into the open last month, when several large unions representing over a third of its membership withdrew from the AFL-CIO, America's trade-union federation.

    ECONOMIST: The sick cope best with labour pains | The

  • The succession question, however, is only part of a broader struggle to apportion blame for the government's impending demise, a dispute that has already broken out within the Labour movement.

    ECONOMIST: The vertiginous uncertainties faced by the Labour Party

  • Why should any businessman support a chief executive who has let his friends in the labour movement run amok and who let his health-care bill be written by Democrats in Congress?

    ECONOMIST: Barack Obama and the Republicans

  • At the fringes of the party conference, to which he is nowadays consigned, he still moves audiences who have not heard it all before with his sentimental vision of the Labour movement as the descendant of the 17th-century Levellers.

    ECONOMIST: A great parliamentarian

  • The labour movement rightly despised that.

    ECONOMIST: Bribes and fines in fake money won't work

  • This constituency has been held by Labour since 1935 and is in the heart of what was the former mining industry, and still hosts the miner s annual gala, which amongst other things celebrates the links between the industry and the Labour movement.

    BBC: NEWS | VOTE 2001 | RESULTS & CONSTITUENCIES | City of Durham

  • She said she knew "the importance of connecting the concerns of local communities with those of the wider Labour movement" and was "brought up in a family where practical politics was part of everyday life, both through the trade unions and in local councils".

    BBC: Two join race to succeed Morgan

  • However this debate shapes up, I can't help feeling that Tony Blair will find that, like Harold Wilson before him, his stance towards an American war will make him a figure of hatred among a significant proportion of the Labour movement who will never forget and may never forgive.

    BBC: Thursday 5 September

  • Mr Daniels, in Indiana, has proposed a similar measure, although he opposes a move by the state legislature to allow employees in any unionised workplace to opt out of paying union dues, as Mr Walker also proposes, for fear it will spark a knock-down drag-out fight with the labour movement.

    ECONOMIST: Taking on the public-sector unions

  • The vast majority of the Labour Party youth movement attendees were between the ages of 16 and 22, though some were as young as 13 and others as old as their early 30s, Roberg-Larsen said.

    CNN: Police: At least 87 dead in mass shooting, bombing in Norway

  • The Conservatives lost a seat to Labour for the first time in 15 years in part as they were squeezed by a pincer movement from Labour and UKIP.

    BBC: Elections - Reading the runes

  • EU's proposals, made in deference to German and Austrian fears of being flooded by cheap labour from the east, to impose a transition period of up to seven years on the newcomers before completely free movement of labour is allowed within an enlarged Union.

    ECONOMIST: The EU��s summit in Gothenburg

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