• Smith owns a four-bedroom house in North Lawrence and a small apartment in Jining (600 miles into the interior from Shanghai), but he is essentially a full-time road warrior.

    FORBES: The Jobs Gambit

  • The device had been dropped and had a broken interior liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, though its outer glass layer was intact.

    FORBES: iPad's Screen Cracking Far Less Than iPhone's So Far

  • With brilliant stained glass windows, elaborate sculpted woodwork and 35 varieties of Italian, African and Belgian marble used throughout the interior (think grand pillars and a colourful marble floor), this is the place to take someone you want to impress.

    BBC: Sydney��s hotel bars, back in vogue

  • Mr. RAFEAL RICARDO JIMENEZ DAN (Deputy Interior Minister, Venezuela): (Through translator) The fact is that confronted with a hugely deteriorated society, with profound inequalities and growing poverty, the first efforts of the government were directed towards resolving the problems with nutrition, health, and education of the population.

    NPR: Film Adds Fuel to Venezuela's Social Fires

  • Mr. VANO MERABISHVILI (Interior Minister, Georgia): (Through Translator) We had information that this group had been planning a serious provocation.

    NPR: Russia and Georgia Dispute Spies, Soldiers

  • She was adopted by Mr Sarkozy when he was interior minister (she had written to him cold, and demanded a meeting) and has worked in his team ever since.

    ECONOMIST: Race and politics in France

  • Last month, Kate announced that she was stepping down from her role at Cosmo to focus on her writing and speaking career just days before I decided to leave my own longtime position at Hearst to join Sandow a company that owns luxury brands in the media, design and retail space (including Interior Design, Worth and Fred Segal to name a few) as EVP, communications.

    FORBES: ��Change is scary but almost all change is good.�� �C Kate White

  • Mr. BRUCE BABBITT (Former Secretary of the Interior): Oh, it's a pleasure to come back out of ancient history.

    NPR: Plans for Hawaiian Monument Laid in 1999

  • This group, Bolio Endenge(ph) was formed in the Congolese Interior at the site of a notorious Belgium labor camp.

    NPR: 'Congotronics' Electrifies Traditional African Music

  • The government established the "rondas campesinas" (peasant rounds) a program that provided the campesinos in the interior with the means to combat terrorism and defend themselves and their families.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Fujimori: The other side of the story

  • By 2013, if all runs to plan, a new railway will link Suape to the north-eastern interior (see map).

    ECONOMIST: Brazil's north-east

  • As jobs go, actual home-making (not sitting around watching TV) is a challenging discipline that combines interior design, cooking, childcare, home maintenance, driving, and other skills.

    FORBES: Q: Is it anti-feminist not to be okay with women becoming homemakers?

  • With a pristine, minimalist interior (think white pillows and seats made for nonchalant lounging), Bangaluu offers fine dining followed by full-on partying -- as well as a rooftop garden if you feel the need to escape all the decadence.

    CNN: Berlin: Where to be seen

  • Her on-off wedding to Mr. Big (Chris Noth) forms a sizeable chunk of the plot, and interior designers everywhere will be thrilled to learn that the warmth of her emotions stands in direct proportion to the size of her walk-in closet.

    NEWYORKER: Sex and the City

  • Its three principal areas (spa, fitness and pool) form a U-shape surrounding an interior courtyard atrium.

    FORBES: The Old South rises again at the Spa at Sea Island, Georgia.

  • It is a shop that you can use reliably as a source for both gift buying (most happily for oneself) and interior design.

    WSJ: John Derian's Handmade Home Decor

  • Under a minister from the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI, another party in the United Iraqi Alliance), the interior ministry gained a reputation as a home for Shia revenge against Sunni insurgents, and many others whose only crime was being Sunni.

    ECONOMIST: Mr Maliki’s challenge | The

  • Despite the Nano's size (it is a bit over ten feet, or three metres long) its interior is surprisingly spacious.

    ECONOMIST: It��s cheap. But what is the Nano like to drive?

  • The spark was the approval by Israel's interior ministry of 1, 600 new homes in Ramat Shlomo, a Jewish suburb in East (Palestinian) Jerusalem.

    ECONOMIST: American-Israeli relations

  • He heard that the mangosteen, a tangerine-size fruit (unrelated to the mango) with a hard purple rind and a fleshy white interior, had medicinal properties.

    FORBES: Drinking The XanGo

  • General Ahmad Savat(ph) is the commander of the police commandos and a special adviser to the Interior minister.

    NPR: Iraqi Agency Targets Police Torture

  • There is a new interior minister (Hani al-Hassan, a long-time loyalist from Mr Arafat's Fatah movement) but the bulk of the old ministers remain in place, including two top negotiators who had been high on the parliament's wish-list for demotion.

    ECONOMIST: Can the centre hold? | The

  • TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) Tunisia's interior minister said Tuesday that four suspects belonging to a radical Islamist group are being held for their involvement in the murder of a leftist opposition politician earlier this month that plunged the country into a political crisis.

    NPR: Tunisia: 4 In Custody For Politician's Murder

  • Nicolas Sarkozy (then the interior minister, now the president of France) pointed out that the formulation could imply a future resumption of physical punishment.

    ECONOMIST: Sharia in the West

  • The next day, book a tour with Secret Hvar ( secrethvar.com), a local outfitter that takes visitors into the island's interior and to see hidden chunks of coastline.

    WSJ: Island-Hopping in Sweden, the BVIs, Washington State and Croatia

  • The Department of Interior which controls permits for drilling on federal onshore lands and the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) is also exerting a big influence upon fracking operations.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • The Cayenne is a good example of success in over-engineering: it offers both the (somewhat) added storage utility of a mid-sized SUV, with the pleasant, roomy interior and higher driving position, combined with an astonishing sports-car like driving dynamic (especially in the S, Turbo, and Turbo S models), and, with proper options, phenomenal off-road capability (just watch the publicity video of a Cayenne Turbo S tearing up the sand dunes outside Dubai).

    FORBES: Why Do People Like The Porsche Cayenne?

  • Those created in the atmosphere on the other side of the world, which then had to make the 20, 000km (12, 000 mile) journey through the earth's interior to get to Japan, would have had a chance to turn their coats.

    ECONOMIST: Neutrinos

  • Another Hawksmoor design, for Christ Church, Spitalfields, may be said to rank higher for the bestial power of its facade and macabre associations. (It was built over a burial pit for plague victims.) But the drama of exterior and interior spaces at St.

    WSJ: St. Mary Woolnoth | Nicholas Hawksmoor | Fortress of God | Masterpiece by Richard B. Woodward

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