• Back then, in the Permian era, a vast inland sea covered much of west Texas and south-eastern New Mexico.

    ECONOMIST: Old salts

  • Sitting on the border between two former Soviet states, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the Aral Sea was once the fourth-largest inland sea in the world.

    NPR: Book Takes Wide-Angle View of a Changing Planet

  • So the Maritime Self-Defense Force deployed seven destroyers to the Inland Sea port of Kure on a broiling Saturday in July for a cruise and public relations offensive.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Part of the somewhat neglected southern stretch of Kafue National Park, though, is dominated by Lake Itezhi-Tezhi, an inland sea created by the dammed Kafue River that has given rise to superbly scenic, land- and water-based wildlife-watching experiences.

    BBC: Birding in Zambia’s wild

  • Weaving its way through a maze of broccoli-coloured islands in waters where Orca whales can be spotted during the summer months, the journey crosses the invisible frontier between the urban frenzy of Seattle and the soporific rhythms of the Puget Sound, the inland sea in which the San Juan Islands are located .

    BBC: Cycling the San Juan Islands

  • Colonies gather far inland after long treks across sea ice, where the females lay just one egg that is tended by the male.

    BBC: Emperor penguins face extinction

  • But they failed to take account of the fact that what they were redirecting was the sole source for the Aral Sea, a vast inland tank that provided food and livelihood for hundreds of miles around.

    ECONOMIST: Cotton

  • Their fight is for a rainforest stretching inland from the coast of the Solomon Sea.

    CNN: Rainforest tribe takes battle with developers to court

  • Its members were from Freehold, an industrial town half an hour inland from the boardwalk carnies and the sea.

    NEWYORKER: We Are Alive

  • You hug the ridge of a huge inland cliff, looking out over a sea of moorland and trees towards the Scottish uplands.

    BBC: Walking Hadrian’s Wall

  • Most Florida mansions at the time were built back from the sea on a low limestone ridge that ran slightly inland from the shore along the coast south of downtown Miami.

    WSJ: An American Renaissance Gem

  • The surface of the inland waterway sits at the lowest land point on the planet, more than 400m below sea level.

    BBC: Cores reveal when Dead Sea 'died'

  • The route heads inland to dry and hot Llanca before reaching the turn-off for Cadaques, where the Pyrenees meet the sea.

    BBC: Over the Pyrenees to Dali’s house

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