• They claimed that in light of police ineptness they are left with no choice.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Guatemala: A security challenge

  • Two years later, when the interim regimes had proved their ineptness and Chuan was returned to power, he proudly brought back Tarrin and Supachai.


  • Yet, overall, America's declining image among Arabs has owed less to al-Jazeera than to unpopular American policies, and to Washington's ineptness at selling them.

    ECONOMIST: Arab satellite television

  • By 2004, however, I felt forced to back John Kerry because of the ineptness and nonconservative recklessness I saw in the Bush administration's first term.

    NPR: Book Argues for Retaking the 'Conservative Soul'

  • Mr Waigel's ineptness began with his insistence on the strictest application of the Maastricht treaty's budget criteria for joining the euro despite the treaty's flexible wording.

    ECONOMIST: The Bundesbank bites back

  • It's hardly surprising, therefore, that we see egregious examples of ineptness, arrogance and corruption, let alone day-to-day featherbedding and laziness in individual UN programs and projects.

    FORBES: The Worst Emerging Disease of All

  • Even the party's master tactician Banyat is dismayed by technocrat Tarrin's ineptness on the p.r. front, which could result in the gravest of all sins: losing votes.


  • The people of Indonesia are paying a high price for the corruption of their rulers and for the devaluation of the rupiah forced upon the islands by the ineptness of the IMF.

    FORBES: What devaluation hath wrought

  • Ineptness at the Rural Payments Agency, the bit of government charged with distributing agricultural subsidies, led to seriously delayed payment for hundreds of farmers and the resignation of its boss in 2006.

    ECONOMIST: Labour and the countryside

  • The theory of moral hazard is that when a company financially fails due to its own ineptness, a bail out is morally reprehensible because the action rewards a company for its own failures.

    FORBES: Moral Hazard And The Dodgers Bankruptcy Bailout

  • But some, like former top diplomat Kanwal Sibal, believe the decision to return the marines is actually a "sorry commentary on the ineptness of Italian diplomacy", rather than a big triumph for the Indians.

    BBC: Is the return of marines an Indian diplomatic win?

  • After two decades of plunder under Ferdinand Marcos, six years of ineptness under Aquino (scion of one of the country's biggest landowning families) and six years of pro-big business policies under Ramos, the small people may finally have their say.


  • The only significant decline in the demand for oil and other commodities will come from Europe as we begin to see the European banking system implode due to exorbitant leverage and the ineptness of the European Central Bank and the IMF to solve the crisis.

    FORBES: Unraveling the Economic Recovery That Wasn't and How to Invest Through the Declines Ahead

  • Once the Americans came into the Great War they, led by Pershing, a stern man whose ineptness is now known, allowed his brave young, eager infantry to be slaughtered at Belleau Wood and other fields by exactly the same stupid idea that attacking infantry could overcome massed machine guns.

    BBC: NEWS | Special Reports | A century of mud and fire

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