• Bullying was defined as repeated instances over a six-month period, rather than just one-off conflicts in the playground.

    BBC: Overprotected children 'more likely to be bullied'

  • Reporter Jane Franchi Who knows how many top players of yesterday learned to kick a football in the playground.

    BBC: Transcript: Heading for Trouble

  • Kyle Rees, 16, a student at Portchester School, Bournemouth, was struck on the head in the playground on 28 February.

    BBC: School memorial for cricket ball death boy Kyle Rees

  • In a throwback to swapping cards of your favourite players in the playground, BBC Sport have been collecting your pictures to complete our album.

    BBC: World Cup Photo Album

  • "I thought we'd got over that from the 1970s when people used to use the term 'spastic' in the playground, " says Benet Middleton from the society.

    BBC: Has autism become a term of abuse?

  • She joined hands with the other women, officials and residents and formed a prayer circle in front of a makeshift memorial that has taken shape in the playground.

    WSJ: 'It Doesn't Stop, It Just Doesn't Stop'

  • It's a word that they choose in the playground.

    BBC: Women looking in the mirror

  • When stereotypes exist not just at the national level, but also between north and south, between neighbourhoods, between gangs in the playground, the chances of an occasional cross-border jibe are likely to remain.

    BBC: Rolling out the old cliches

  • She said it was a "tragedy" when a teacher is afraid to put their arm around a child who has grazed their knee in the playground for fear of being branded "a potential criminal".

    BBC: NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Fear of paedophiles 'a tragedy'

  • Victoria, 12, who is working on a story about Children in Need has also compiled a questionnaire for people in the playground, asking them how they've helped people and what they plan to do for the charity event.

    BBC: November's Practice News Day

  • About 14 years ago, when I was a parent of young children, as preparation for a talk at a doctors' meeting about vaccines, I surveyed (rather informally) parents - mostly mothers of course - waiting in the playground of our local primary school.

    BBC: 'The natural benefits of vaccines'

  • Campaigners, including members of Occupy London, have been sleeping in the closed playground since Saturday night and have maintained a vigil during the day.

    BBC: Protest over Battersea park refurbishment

  • Viewed from outside, what this fixation suggested was a giggling braggart, fidgeting in the school playground, and pointing at girls with whom he would never stand a chance.

    NEWYORKER: Hack Work

  • Deng spoke no English when he arrived in the Big Smoke at the age of eight, yet his football prowess soon made him a popular figure in the school playground.

    BBC: NBA superstar Luol Deng spreads the basketball word

  • She was 15 when she died after being shot in the back at a playground in late January, in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, not far from the Obama family home.


  • Mr. LAUER: The Summer Palace was the royal court's playground in the summer months.

    NPR: Olympics Put NBC News In Difficult Position

  • After all, sometimes life-long friendships get forged in the sandpit at the playground, so why not in this one?

    BBC: Child building sandcastles, PA

  • Hanging out in the social media playground, of course, means enduring the taunts and jeers of the crowd.

    CNN: Why consumers are fleeing the media

  • Helen Panagiotopoulos, who spent 19 years working as a Manhattan nanny, said that New York nannies are keenly aware that they may be watched on the job whether via a video camera in the home or by other parents at the playground.

    WSJ: Parents Patrol Nannies Online

  • The K-8 students who return to Elias Brookings School next week will sit in portable classrooms constructed on the playground until the school can be fixed.

    WSJ: Springfield, Mass., Faces Hurricane After Tornado

  • The longer it keeps its settings to private or semi-private the longer that trading and prospecting in its stocks remains a playground for the wealthy only.

    FORBES: Do You Have a Right to Own Part of Facebook?

  • On New Year's Eve, the family had gathered at the Sundeck restaurant on top of the mountain in Aspen, fame's playground, waiting for the slopes to clear at the end of the day so they could have the hill to themselves to continue the annual family downhill football game.

    CNN: Tragedy Strikes Again

  • Schumpeter, invited last year to a technical college in northern Tokyo, was surprised to be shown something that the oily-fingered schoolboys had put together in the workshop: a car that whizzed around the playground at 620km per litre (1, 747 miles per gallon).

    ECONOMIST: Schumpeter

  • Every kid in the world who is not physically disabled has run a sprint at one time or another, either on the playground, the street, a dirt road, in a game, after stealing apples or to flee bullies.

    FORBES: Breathtaking Bolt

  • Construction on the new playground located in Sue Bierman Park near the Ferry Building is expected to start at the end of this month and be completed this summer.

    WSJ: Playground Plan Shows Philanthropy's Swing Toward Home

  • Both Bartok and Shostakovich fell foul of the authorities in a favourite playground for censors sex.

    ECONOMIST: Banned music

  • In the 1990s it was a playground for securities dealers manipulating bid-ask spreads.

    FORBES: Get Briefed: Robert Greifeld

  • Because Las Vegas is an artificial playground built in the middle of the desert, is it any surprise that the valley may drain its entire water supply by the year 2021?

    BBC: Discover life in the Nevada desert

  • The opening of the playground at Corinium Via, in Cirencester, had been delayed for the work to be carried out.

    BBC: The fenced off playground

  • Photos of an early version of the modern playground swing have been released in a bid to track down the oldest working models.

    BBC: Wicksteed Park releases archive photos for appeal

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