• In another word, Apple knows whats Apple has in the pipeline and the new stuff will render everything else obsolete but Apple must wait for its competitor to have expended precious resources before Apple can show the cards Apple is holding.

    FORBES: Here's The Real Reason Apple's Stock Is On A Roll

  • And that is, to the extent that they all use, in one form or another, the root word "Islam, " they almost immediately suggest to people who consider themselves to be Muslims, that they are all part of the problem.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Frank Gaffney: Jihad by other means

  • Some children did complain, but according to Chris Walby - a social services expert helping with another child abuse investigation in Merseyside - their word counted for little in an atmosphere where they were not listened to or believed.

    BBC: News Online

  • In another sign of the times, Microsoft is much more generous in offering free online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, though these come with very limited functionality and carry (for now) in-house ads seeking to make you a subscriber.

    FORBES: Commentary

  • What she means, however, is perfectly sensible (another word which means something quite different in French).

    ECONOMIST: Two nations with a common language

  • Please do not call yourselves men, cause the word men or a man is just another word for a child molesting heterosexual pedophile in the least and at best far far far worst.

    FORBES: Why The Best Spies in Mossad And The CIA Are Women

  • Every time we go to a British football match we learn another creative way to use the F-word in a sentence.

    FORBES: How Manchester United F.C. May Have Lost This Small Business Thousands

  • The 185-word article by Lawrence was responding to another article in the journal called The Ugliness of Women by a man called JHR.

    BBC: DH Lawrence article's 'enlightened' attitude to women

  • It took another risk when it published in one issue Khrushchev's 26, 000-word speech denouncing Stalin, but the only complaint was from a reader who said it should have been printed in the original Russian.

    ECONOMIST: David Astor | The

  • One can argue that multiple pages can weaken your position, but this is not how things work in Facebook: users jump from one page to another without any specific discovery pattern in mind (if you look for a scientific word to describe this behavior and impress your colleagues, try serendipity).

    FORBES: Why a Facebook Page is not enough

  • The popular minister had rejected as "absurd" initial reports in the Suddeutsche Zeitung that one passage was copied word for word from a newspaper article and another was taken from a public lecture, without attribution.

    BBC: German 'plagiarism' minister Guttenberg drops doctorate

  • And The Wall Street Journal wrote in praise of another BrandTags.net, a site that invites visitors to type the first word that comes to mind when they look at a corporate logo in order to capture the public perception of a brand.

    FORBES: Confessions of an Online Stalker

  • There is, after all, another, more haunting image of the party and its affiliated organizations which can be summed up in one word: Ayodhya.

    CNN: Behind the BJP's Mask

  • In response to Bloody Sunday, Dr. King put the word out asking supporters from around the nation to travel to Selma to participate in another march to take place two days later, a march intended to go from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

    FORBES: What Was Obama Talking About When He Cited The Historical References Of 'Seneca Falls And Selma And Stonewall'?

  • In 2007, an RHS study of young people aged between 13 and 18 found that 62% thought horticulture was another word for farming, while most said it was a career for "old or retired people".

    BBC: Gardening image 'puts off young'

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