• Mr Sollecito's impassive face provided a stark contrast to Miss Knox who broke down in tears in the courtroom.

    BBC: Profile: Raffaele Sollecito

  • Sat in their camping chairs, members of the audience are impassive save for a bouncing foot or a thigh-slapping hand.

    BBC: America��s country music heartland

  • Every day, starting in the morning, he roams through the devastated areas of the city with a vacillating mind and an impassive face.

    NPR: 'The Swallows of Kabul' Book Excerpt

  • With Eva Mendes, as an impassive high-fashion model whom Lavant kidnaps.

    NEWYORKER: Holy Motors

  • Her hypnotically paced expressive solo, impassive of face and measured of tread and movement, draws the viewer in as if to the eye of a hurricane.

    WSJ: Giselle at the D?j?ji Temple | Yasuko Yokoshi | Bell | New York Live Arts | By Robert Greskovic

  • Brief passages in the film, an Iraqi-Iranian co-production, portray American forces as impassive invaders, sweeping through Satellite's village on the way to somewhere else with no awareness of those around them.

    WSJ: Sinking Spirits

  • The movie presents itself as a stack of character studies, but the leads are constructed from layers of impassive cool, and the roles for women a shrink, an old flame are comically fleeting.

    NEWYORKER: Infernal Affairs

  • Ramos was impassive at the end as he was for almost the entire game - and now he must hope the Spurs board continue to keep faith as his problems mount.

    BBC: Tottenham 0-1 Hull

  • But, even then, Porumboiu keeps his perspective: calm but not impassive, skeptical but not cynical, he reinforces the air of normalcy and essential fearlessness that characterizes life since the fall of the tyrant.

    NEWYORKER: 12:08 East of Bucharest

  • He stood there impassive and unemotional.

    CNN: Pope Francis, humble, authentic and credible

  • It feels natural and can be seen as a representation of where phones may and ought to be headed, to a place where they predict and judge your intent using a higher level of intelligence than the usual impassive expectation of conventional input.

    ENGADGET: Samsung Galaxy S II review Hands-on

  • And the impassive tag is misplaced, for when addressed he does not hide his feelings - beaming and slapping his thigh at a subject he seeks to engage upon, or frowning in irritation at a question he views as based on nonsensical rumor.

    CNN: 'We Restored Order'

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