• They focus on nurturing people, families in particular, who are ill at ease with modern American life.

    FORBES: The Age of Meaning

  • Yet, perhaps because he is so clearly ill at ease, he ends up undermining his own efforts.

    ECONOMIST: History of coffee

  • The Taliban's grip on Kabul is all the tighter because they are ill at ease in the capital.

    ECONOMIST: Afghanistan

  • IR--Bagehot (May 17th) thought I looked ill at ease when Robin Cook, the new foreign secretary, presented his mission statement at the Foreign Office.

    ECONOMIST: Gold diggers

  • Normally reliable performers like Bill Nighy and Tom Wilkinson look ill at ease in their uniforms, which may be a point in their moral favor but augurs badly for the confidence of the movie.

    NEWYORKER: Valkyrie

  • Although he is still in the honeymoon phase of his presidency and the House of Representatives is being run by extreme liberals, the American people are becoming increasingly ill at ease over the President's programs.

    FORBES: But Doesn't Obama Share His 'Generals'' Ideology?

  • Mr Levi was visibly ill at ease.

    ECONOMIST: Britain’s alleged takeover of Brussels

  • Ill at ease, they have reined back from revisiting it, apprehensive that, unchecked, their talking might deposit them eventually at the door to a concern better left alone—the two years spent together under one roof, in her apartment in Toronto, as man and wife—"Only on paper, I'll have you know, " she will point out again and again—which had been an utter disaster.

    NPR: Somalia's Farah: Humanizing a Broken Place

  • He was modest and charming in private, although visibly ill-at-ease on big public occasions and prone to gaffes and unnecessary controversies.

    ECONOMIST: Poland's President Lech Kaczynski dies in a plane crash

  • The second room is majestic: three boxing scenes, three ravishingly piquant portraits of working-class youths, and a startling nude of an ill-at-ease woman.

    NEWYORKER: Young and Gifted

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