• Nasdaq is under pressure to stand-out after Atlanta-based ICE said it would merge with NYSE Euronext.

    FORBES: Life After Facebook: Nasdaq Will Hook Up With SharesPost To Sell Private Stock

  • Synchronised swimming mirrors the lay-out and set-up in ice skating.

    BBC: Canada on course for glory

  • "We wore out steel ice-cream scoops shoveling quarters, " he says.

    FORBES: Tilt

  • Suzie sat down and tentatively held out her ice-cream cone.

    NEWYORKER: The Swan

  • The collector basically looks like a tennis racket filled with ice cubes, so this is kind of like a big ice-cube tray, and each ice cube is not made out of ice, but it's made out of this aerogel.

    NPR: Stardust Set to Deliver Comet Samples

  • Mr. Van Eperen, the volunteer guard, speared a sturgeon the first time he went out for the ice-fishing season in 1995.

    WSJ: Standing Guard for the Sturgeon

  • By this time, Samara had drifted 50 or 60 yards farther down the river, still bobbing in and out of the ice-cold water.

    CNN: Hero dog helps pull girl from icy river

  • Yael Lustmann, 42, says she runs her own daily deals through Facebook and Yelp for her shaved-ice shop so she can cut out the middleman.

    WSJ: Make Daily Deals Work Long Term

  • The station offers "stress breaks, " handing out treats from its ice-cream truck, maintains a "Green Team" beautification squad, participates in arts festivals and still engages with residents through the Andyman-a-Thon.

    CNN: Do you remember rock 'n' roll radio?

  • "When they come close to the Sun, this ice melts - solar wind blows this material out into space, so you get a tail of matter coming off the comet, " explains O'Brien.

    BBC: Star of Bethlehem: The astronomical explanations

  • Volunteers were out on the village-side lake the weekend before the festival, cutting out big ice blocks.

    WSJ: NY inmates help build ice palace in Adirondacks

  • It features two removable rear-seat bins in the floor that can hold a dozen 12-ounce cans plus ice or can stow gear out of sight for added security.

    FORBES: Dodge Journey -- 19/26 mpg

  • His boyhood had been spent in and out of his father's ice-cream plant, and in 1935 he started such a plant himself, the Wilber Farms Dairy in Buffalo.

    ECONOMIST: Robert Rich

  • The patients could sign themselves out if they wanted to walk the ice-blasted grounds.

    NEWYORKER: The Reptile Garden

  • They also look very similar to the simulations coming out of Piomas (Pan-Arctic Ice-Ocean Modelling and Assimilation System), an influential computer model that has been used to estimate Arctic sea-ice volume and which has been the basis for several predictions about when summer sea ice might disappear completely.

    BBC: Cryosat spots Arctic sea-ice loss in autumn

  • With snowfall reasonably constant over the period, it appears that melt as a result of the 1-2-degree rise in air temperatures has tipped the ice out of balance.

    BBC: Canadian glaciers face 'big losses'

  • However, as more evidence mounts on the long-term effect of concussions, there may well be more pressure from some in the medical community, AAP or not, to take children out of football, ice hockey and other head-shot-risky sports entirely.

    FORBES: Pediatricians Try to Knock Out Youth Boxing -- But Should Other Concussion-Intensive Sports Also Watch Out?

  • For now, her staff carefully clears ice from the holes with a gasoline-powered auger and then pulls out stray chunks with a ladle-like strainer at the beginning of each shift.

    WSJ: Fishing Is Just Not the Same Without a Very Cold Brew

  • Bird plunges into a depression, questions his own existence, and finds an unlikely way out when he stumbles into a street war between competing ice-cream barons.

    FORBES: The best Christmas movie you never saw

  • The kids won't get bored: There's ice-skating, ranger programs (here's your chance to find out everything you want to know about Grizzlies and geysers) and guided cross-country ski and snowshoe tours.

    CNN: Taking the kids: A winter trek in Yellowstone

  • Dale Farm commercial director Mr Nethercott said that Barnes was the "latest success story to come out of these awards following the achievements of previous winners ice-skater Jenna McCorkell and cyclist Ryan Connor".

    BBC: Barnes backs sport bursary award

  • In the afternoon, visitors stroll along the boutique-lined alleyways, admiring the Baroque heritage (check out the 17th-century Palais Lascaris) and lapping up ice creams.

    BBC: Mini guide to coastal C?te d��Azur

  • And finally, just before you head out to sea, you will pass a series of fascinating ice-making houses where huge blocks of frozen water slide down rollercoaster runners and into the waiting boats.

    BBC: Bangladesh��s lesser-known charms

  • But many more displays like Leicester's feeble showing at Twickenham will leave Loffreda - who has come in for criticism for his decision to leave speedster Tom Varndell out of the side to face the Ospreys - on thin ice.

    BBC: Tigers losing their bite?

  • But the research, conducted by the U.S.-based National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and the University of Colorado's National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), demonstrates that the 18 models on which the IPCC has based its current recommendations could already be out of date -- and that the retreat of the ice could already be 30 years ahead of the IPCC's worst case scenario.

    CNN: Arctic melt worse than predictions

  • The majority of locals spend evenings looking beautiful, checking each other out, partaking of the odd ice cream, and not getting drunk - that would be most unseemly.

    BBC: An evening out in Rome

  • It turned out to be a counteroffer from the IntercontinentalExchange (nyse: ICE - news - people ), a six-year-old Atlanta upstart, which had just finished buying the New York Board of Trade, the futures market for coffee, cotton, sugar and cocoa.

    FORBES: Up From the Pits

  • Returning to Connaught Place, seek out a child-friendly street snack on the inner circle, where ice cream vendors and a nameless stall dishing up particularly tasty sweetcorn ply their wares.

    BBC: Child��s play amid Delhi��s chaos

  • Particularly vexing is the kind of business Elfgeeh ran out of the Carnival French Ice Cream Supermarket: hawala, an informal money-remittance service that operates on the fringes of the global financial system.

    FORBES: The Invisible Bankers

  • Later, Kerry -- wearing a University of New Hampshire hockey jersey -- greeted fans and players at a hockey game, then got out on the ice and skated.

    CNN: Candidates reach out across New Hampshire

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