• But many aren't, and often assume - wrongly - that there is little they can do about their credit card and hire purchase agreements.

    BBC: NEWS | Business | Understanding store card debt

  • More than 1.6m claims were made in 2000 for money owed by one person to another, such as unpaid debts, rent arrears or hire purchase payments.

    BBC: Web page

  • Some of the sanctuary's supporters had offered money towards the hire or purchase of a cattle crush, she said.

    BBC: Clarence the bull

  • As a result, owners also are looking forward to having resources to hire and purchase assets like vehicles and equipment to grow their firms.

    WSJ: Small Firms Plan for Stronger Economy

  • Consumers who want to improve their health and get in shape can join health clubs, hire personal trainers, purchase physical fitness equipment, rent exercise DVDs, participate in organized activities such as adult volleyball, or run, swim and bicycle on their own.

    FORBES: The Growing Potential Of Free Market Education

  • You hire Boras to give yourself the means to purchase a small country.

    WSJ: The Yankees' Coming Conundrum

  • Their access to capital, made a little easier by the success of LinkedIn, will help them fund their growth, hire more employees and hopefully enable them to purchase more of our software and services to help them grow.

    FORBES: Why I Want To Marry Reid Hoffman

  • One caveat about buying Dawson is that the stock has a very small float of just 5.1 million shares (and 5.6 million total outstanding shares), even after a recent secondary stock offering to finance the purchase of more equipment and to hire more crews to fill its nine-month backlog of orders for service.

    FORBES: Mapping Out A Play On Oil Drilling

  • He criticized Koch for failing to hire people to inspect the bottles he intended to purchase before the auction.

    WSJ: Fine whine? Billionaire cries foul in vintage sale

  • Discover is perhaps the most interesting of the areas -- it's a stand-in for "place where you purchase content" -- and it's a curated store helmed by recent hire Kellee Santiago.

    ENGADGET: The final OUYA retail console is ready, we go hands-on HD

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