• This has thrown the mainstream right, still groggy after its thrashing in last summer's snap parliamentary election, into convulsions.

    ECONOMIST: France’s right-wing disarray

  • We're news, information and slightly groggy from watching the Grammy last night.

    NPR: Barack Obama's Big Weekend

  • In theory this should make you feel less groggy in the morning.

    ENGADGET: Jawbone Up review (2012): a reboot and a shot at redemption

  • Elections next month for mayors and state governors could well extend the government's power over the regions and further weaken the already groggy opposition.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela

  • Mr Kohl may look groggy, but he is an old pro when it comes to landing big punches in the national ring after being drubbed in the regions.

    ECONOMIST: Who will win Germany?

  • It makes you groggy when you should be alert.

    ECONOMIST: Business travel

  • So long as you have both hands on the keyboard, "if you happen to have a crying toddler on your knee or you're groggy, we'll still recognize you, " says Imagic Vice President Craig Maszer.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • With a rich baritone voice, Hughes charges through the absurd (tight T-shirts and mummies), the mundane (annoying neighbors, dull parties) and the bittersweet (growing old and lost lovers), with groggy melodies, funk rhythms and plenty of humor.

    NPR: Benji Hughes: 'Waiting For An Invitation'

  • So if you were just too groggy to set out at 4:00AM in search of door-buster deals, your next chance to snag a mind-boggling deal get mauled to save a few Benjamins is just about 11 months away.

    ENGADGET: Black Friday leads to record sales of HDTVs HD

  • And although the film is full of sly perceptions about race relations, Franklin treats everything matter-of-factly: the ironies sneak up on us slowly, like the huge, harsh Southern California sun rising on the groggy survivors of a long sleepless night.

    NEWYORKER: Devil in a Blue Dress

  • The last big shift in the sleeping-pill market came 12 years ago, when Ambien hit pharmacy shelves in the U.S. The drug is viewed as having fewer side effects than older sleep aids such as Halcion, which left patients feeling groggy in the morning.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Apparently snapping shots on a whim to tell your life story just isn't good enough these days, as folks are writing scripts to take unplanned photos of their groggy faces and strapping head-mountable cameras to their skulls in hopes of producing the next worldwide YouTube hit.

    ENGADGET: Archos unveils Helmet Camcorder for Generation 4 PMPs

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