• Eventually he went into business as a general contractor, building single-family homes and other projects.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • D. in anthropology, then moved to New York to become a general contractor for ten years.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Drawing from her experience as a real-estate agent for 10 years, she served as her own general contractor and interior designer.

    WSJ: The $500,000 Housecleaning

  • She said she thought they were seasonal employees who were being paid by the general contractor on the house - Christianson Builders.

    NPR: Sen. Stevens Will Be Back On The Witness Stand

  • Michael (Mad Dog) Harris, a 60-year-old general contractor from Phoenix, flies to matches with his wife, Suzanne (Ramblin' Rose), in their Piper Aztec.

    FORBES: Draw, You Varmint!

  • Weisenberger, 69, a retired general contractor, says he hopes the lawsuit will bring out the truth of what happened to the people of McCullom Lake.

    CNN: What killed Frank Branham?

  • " Past champion Kenneth (Buster) Hyman, a general contractor, saw a pipperoo of an accident in January: "Some guy crashed about 10 feet out of the gate.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • John Gallagher, a spokesman for Tishman Construction, the general contractor overseeing construction of the towers and hub, said DCM hasn't caused any delays and the contractor is working overtime on its projects.

    WSJ: Steel Firm's Woes Snag World Trade Center

  • Then, with Mr. Zehetbauer acting as general contractor and Mr. Wardlaw in charge of product research, the two built the houses and interior cabinetry themselves, putting in what they estimate was thousands of hours.

    WSJ: The Twin Houses of an Odd Couple

  • Michael Capponi, the general contractor for the project, said he and Mr. Dean were visiting Ibiza, Spain, in 2011 when he noticed something: "Everybody was on the shallow end of the pool, " he said.

    WSJ: The $40 Million Party Pad

  • Sun plans to act as a general contractor.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • How did BB become a general contractor?

    FORBES: Want to Climb the Corporate Ladder or Jump Off: Learn to Surf

  • And so what ends up happening is the taxpayer loses the benefit of a better product at a better price because everything is bundled into this huge contract with a giant general contractor who then divvies up the business.

    WHITEHOUSE: Online Town Hall

  • An impoverished peasant from Yemen who emigrated to Saudi Arabia, he started out as a general contractor in 1931 and built one of the largest construction companies in Saudi Arabia, amassing a fortune estimated to be at least a billion dollars.

    FORBES: The family business

  • Under cross-examination, however, she conceded she had no contract with Christianson, the company that supposedly was her general contractor, and there was no proposal or bid, and that when she bought hardware for the kitchen she sent it not the Christianson but to one of Allen's employees at Allen's corporate offices.

    NPR: Sen. Stevens Will Be Back On The Witness Stand

  • Canadian firm Med-Eng is building jammers for the Marines, reports military contractor General Dynamics.

    CNN: Jamming systems play secret role in Iraq

  • Under the equally disciplined Jack Welch, number-three Pentagon contractor General Electric applied a similar financial template to its business and came up with a very different strategy.

    FORBES: How The Pentagon's Top Ten Contractors Dealt With The Last Downturn

  • At the time, defense contractor General Dynamics was rebuilding its portfolio by purchasing low-priced businesses that competitors did not want, and Burlington was one of the properties it acquired.

    FORBES: Linda Hudson, First Female CEO In Defense, Reflects On What It Takes

  • The plant is what is known in Pentagon parlance as a GOCO a government-owned, contractor-operated site that has been managed by defense contractor General Dynamics since it bought the armored-vehicle operations of the Chrysler Corporation in the early 1980s.

    FORBES: Army Plan To Shut Only Tank Plant Faces Fierce Resistance

  • From their offices atop the highest point in the county, SAIC executives can see the headquarters of number-four ranked military contractor General Dynamics, DynCorp (number nine), Booz Allen Hamilton (number 11), Computer Sciences (number 14) and ITT Defense (number 15).

    FORBES: Why Virginia's Become Mecca For Military Contractors

  • Taking that assurance at face value, prime contractor General Dynamics launched a campaign to convince Congress and the Obama Administration that buying a smaller number of the vehicles while upgrading current amphibious systems would be more cost-effective than canceling the program and starting over.

    FORBES: Gates Challenges Marine Corps' Mission

  • "We welcome the announcement by the secretary of state for defence confirming that the SV (specialist vehicle) programme is secure in the MoD's future AFV (armoured fighting vehicle) pipeline and core programme of committed funding, " said Dr Sandy Wilson, president and managing director of General Dynamics UK, the prime contractor on the programme.

    BBC: General Dynamics: British Army deal secures Oakdale jobs

  • In late November defense contractor Dyncorp International dismissed its general counsel amid an investigation into possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

    FORBES: OutFront

  • Jim Noe, general counsel of shallow-water drilling contractor Hercules Offshore defended shallow-water drilling, saying such projects tap relatively low-pressure reservoirs, making blowouts less likely.

    WSJ: Login/Register to set your edition

  • He also had to find a certified contractor to draw up a general plan for the project to take to the Russian standards agency, which would then oversee every detail of the construction work no doubt finding many more snags along the way.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of Russia

  • General Motors was the fourth-ranked military contractor in 1991 by virtue of its purchase of the storied Hughes Aircraft in 1985.

    FORBES: How The Pentagon's Top Ten Contractors Dealt With The Last Downturn

  • Prime contractor for the AfriStar satellite was Alcatel Space with Marta Marconi Space, a joint venture of Britain's General Electric and France's Lagardere the major sub-contractor.

    CNN: Ariane rocket orbits U.S. communications satellites

  • Several months ago, Northrop Grumman became the fourth big military contractor to locate its headquarters in the office park where General Dynamics, DynCorp and Computer Sciences were already ensconced, having departed the Los Angeles Basin where Northrop was founded in 1939.

    FORBES: Why Virginia's Become Mecca For Military Contractors

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