• Mr MacCulloch describes the era with a skilful sweep, though little distinguishes this section from a more general account.

    ECONOMIST: A history of Christianity

  • This would start with the abolition of zaito, making the public lenders self-financing and combining zaito's myriad special accounts and corporations with the government's general account.

    ECONOMIST: Just how bad are the Japanese government’s finances?

  • Ultimately it is the general account of the insurance company that is guaranteeing the retirement savers future income stream in the event the retirement savers portfolio value cannot support the generation of the guaranteed income stream.

    FORBES: Variable Annuity Mini-Boom Coming

  • FILP, loans, combined if necessary with subsidies from the government's general-account budget, are used to achieve such goals.

    ECONOMIST: NATO's success

  • In general, drugs account for about half to 60% of increases in survival rate since 1975.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Their model takes into account both general relativity and all known gravitational effects of the sun, the moon, the planets and large asteroids.

    ECONOMIST: Physics

  • The study can be both lauded and criticised for the fact that it takes into account a general rise in deaths, and not just that directly caused by violence.

    ECONOMIST: The Iraqi war

  • Frank Dadah, a principal account manager and general manager at WinterWyman , a recruitment firm that specializes in search and contract staffing in the Technology, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, and Investments and Financial Services industries, says job hopping is moving from one company to the next for either a lateral move or promotion.

    FORBES: The Pros and Cons of Job Hopping

  • Each edition usually has one editor and one reporter, plus a general manager, a couple of account executives and a graphic designer.

    FORBES: Breaking: A Local Newspaper Chain That's Actually Making Good Money

  • Agencies will review archival records in accordance with priorities developed by the Archivist, with input from the general public, that take into account the level of researcher interest and the likelihood of declassification.

    WHITEHOUSE: Share This Post

  • Use of disposable income account shows how households, general government and non-profit institutions serving households distribute their disposable income between final consumption expenditures and saving.

    UNESCO: Belarus: Report: Part I: Descriptive Section

  • As a non-mathematician, he appreciates the difficulty of explaining a recondite mathematical problem to a general audience, and gives a vivid account both of the passion that mathematicians have for their subject and of the fascination for this particular problem.

    ECONOMIST: Mathematics

  • Such services meet needs of community in general and these do not take into account individual households (expenditures on defence, government, roads, scientific activity financed from the State budget and extra-budget funds, communal services and services of institutions serving agriculture).

    UNESCO: Belarus: Report: Part I: Descriptive Section

  • Au set up a general ledger for PLP to categorize and account for all transactions affecting the partnership assets and Capital accounts 10 as well as ledger income beginning in 1999. accounts were established for each partner to show distributions to each partner, income received by the partnership, and expenses incurred by the partnership.

    FORBES: Family Limited Partnerships Require Good Planning and Execution

  • The Council is composed of thirty-four Member States of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, elected by the General Conference at its ordinary sessions, taking due account of equitable geographical distribution, of the need to ensure appropriate rotation, of the representativeness of these States from the ecological viewpoint in the various continents, and of the importance of their scientific contribution to the international MAB programme.

    UNESCO: Detailview | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • Many states have laws that deem unused gift cards abandoned property, which if left unclaimed for a certain period, can be taken into the state treasury's general fund, just like an unclaimed or abandoned bank account.

    FORBES: Retail

  • Future packages for a year's computing power might have the customer pay up front, pay later, pay now and run down an account, or draw computing power from a general-purpose "grid" of computers run by Sun.

    FORBES: Motivated Seller

  • The auto industry is bouncing back, partly due to a rebound in truck sales, which is especially good news for U.S.-based carmakers, since truck sales still account for a disproportionate amount of profit for General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler.

    FORBES: Ford's F-Series Pickups Are Hauling @#%

  • She wrote an account of receiving the manuscript for the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

    FORBES: Pharma's Ghosts

  • An exception to the general rule that banks are expensive: a Bank of America account called Merrill Edge, which beats even the discounters on trading commissions.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Stephen Platt, senior account executive with Archer Financial Services, said the general weakness in commodities this week pressured gold, noting corn prices fell 10% following a bearish U.S. Department of Agriculture report.

    FORBES: METALS OUTLOOK: Weaker Outlook For Gold Prices Likely

  • Too much space, inevitably, is devoted to a self-exonerating, and presumably cathartic account of the tribulations of the Social Democrats in general and himself in particular, starting with his unsuccessful bid for the chancellorship in 1990.

    ECONOMIST: Oskar Lafontaine

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