• But there is far more flexibility and fuzziness, even here, than the conservatives concede.

    ECONOMIST: Arab women are demanding their rights��at last

  • The Nature folk were especially unimpressed by the fuzziness of the pictures that accompanied the piece.

    ECONOMIST: Paul Lauterbur | The

  • But six weeks later it had evolved into something robust, almost preening in its fuzziness and breadth.

    WSJ: Jason Gay | Requiem for the Joba Mustache

  • Here's the great news: looking at these sample shots (see crop above), it's abundantly clear that Nokia's fixed the camera's fuzziness problem.

    ENGADGET: Nokia Lumia 920 camera fuzziness getting fixed in PR1.1 update

  • But famed critic Roger Ebert complained in his review of "a certain fuzziness" to the movie, which he attributed to the transfer to film.

    FORBES: Star Wars: Attack Of The Drones

  • Unlike many books written by professors, this is a good read, light on the numbers and nearly empty of equations and the typical economics fuzziness.

    FORBES: The Millionaire Next Door In Retirement

  • Instead they have focused on the alleged fuzziness of the rules.

    ECONOMIST: Corporate misbehaviour

  • This fuzziness about the costs of banking services means there is a greater risk that banks will mis-sell other products, to boost their profits - he says.

    BBC: Free banking 'a dangerous myth'

  • But with fewer allies, he is entitled to less free television time than his chief rivals, and his poll lead is wobbling as they attack his fuzziness.

    ECONOMIST: Brazil

  • So researchers have wondered whether the fuzziness of some familial links means that these cases of Alzheimer's are caused by faulty mitochondrial genes rather than faulty nuclear genes.


  • Another factor is the Tories' perceived fuzziness on policy.

    ECONOMIST: The Conservatives are doing well, but not well enough

  • But the impression that this is a party still in recovery rather than an alternative government in waiting was emphasised by a fuzziness over policy in many key areas from education and health to transport and defence.

    ECONOMIST: On the up

  • Chess was never likely to be a good yardstick for measuring machine intelligence as its strictly formal nature, devoid of fuzziness and chance, is exactly the opposite of the kind of task where the human brain excels.

    ECONOMIST: Stop the war

  • With Facebook, the fuzziness is back.

    FORBES: Truth, Lies & Facebook Advertising

  • And yet, despite their inherent fuzziness and lack of "significant operational content", despite the lack of formal checks on banks' internal procedures for coming up with these rates, Euribor and Libor are the benchmark for pricing transactions worth trillions of dollars.

    BBC: Inconvenient truths about Libor

  • His speciality for a long time, before he had developed the technology he needed, was fuzziness or rather, that interesting gradation of shading, pinpointed by hydrogen atoms, that showed where the water content of the cells was changing, and tissues were becoming diseased.

    ECONOMIST: Paul Lauterbur | The

  • On the other hand, if a franchisee insists he has to go above and beyond a brand standard to compete--say, by offering free broadband Internet service or extra pillows--Ledsinger has to know when to say okay. (Chains need to police the impulses to go up market, too, lest their other units suffer by comparison.) The warmth and fuzziness, he hopes, will trickle down.

    FORBES: The Motelier

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