• Morimoto is the quintessential Japanese-inspired fusion cuisine, flawlessly served in a fantastically futuristic space.

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  • All food is fusion cuisine, and all dining is ethnic dining.

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  • This Mexican-Italian fusion cuisine led to chorizo and roasted pepper pizzas.

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  • Germany may not be known for its sophisticated cuisine but passengers in business class on long-haul Lufthansa flights are treated to gourmet ethnic and fusion cuisine.

    FORBES: Best Inflight Cuisine

  • The traveller who savours traditional Japanese cuisine and dismisses fusion cuisine as inauthentic, who refers to rice wine as Nihonshu and is seduced by the entire poetic process.

    FORBES: Jin - Paris's Latest Japanese Restaurant

  • For those not familiar with the food, Nobu was a pioneer at the forefront of the now common Asian fusion cuisine movement, melding elements of traditional Japanese and Peruvian cooking.

    FORBES: Nobu Hotel Las Vegas: Famed Chef & Robert DeNiro Cook Up Luxury Lodging

  • In the meantime, Lynn, who is based in Riyadh, set about expanding the family empire beyond the flagship Gulf Royal Chinese chain to include fine-dining outlets that served fusion cuisine.

    FORBES: Arabia-Asia: Gulf Royal's Long-Distance Takeout

  • This is fusion cuisine from 100 years ago, the legacy of an influx of silver miners from Cornwall to this part of Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century.

    ECONOMIST: A Mexican IPO boosts London's status as a mining hub

  • Airline food has improved remarkably in recent years with some airlines going as far to hire celebrity chefs to create ethnic or fusion cuisine to serve their business and first class passengers.

    FORBES: Best Inflight Cuisine

  • Talk about fusion cuisine.

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  • Darden Restaurants, which owns Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Longhorn Steakhouse, has responded to the trend with new restaurant franchises like Yard House, which prides itself on a large draft beer menu, American-fusion cuisine and a lively atmosphere punctuated with classic rock music and flat-screen TVs playing sporting events and news broadcasts.

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  • One example: The Raffles hotel chain has created two restaurant brands, Doc Cheng's and Jaan's, based on the Singapore-based originals and their fusion of Western and Asian cuisine.

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