• In 2007 he founded the Free University in Tbilisi, which teaches law, business and languages.

    ECONOMIST: Georgia

  • That impression is broadly right, thinks Oskar Niedermayer, a politics professor at the Free University of Berlin.

    ECONOMIST: Germany’s government

  • "There is space for an anti-euro party in Germany, " said Oskar Niedermayer, a political scientist at Berlin's Free University.

    NPR: Anti-Euro Party A Wildcard In German Elections

  • He cited free university tuition and free medical prescriptions for the elderly as social-democratic achievements by the Scottish Parliament.

    ECONOMIST: Scottish independence

  • It has, says Oskar Niedermayer, a political-science professor at Berlin's Free University, caused a one-time shift in Germany's political balance of power.

    ECONOMIST: Germany

  • Jan Smit, of the Free University in Amsterdam, is particularly critical.

    ECONOMIST: Some new ideas about why life on Earth has periodic crises

  • Spending per head is currently 13% more than in Britain as a whole, supplying free university tuition, for example, which is not available south of the border.

    ECONOMIST: The economics of home rule

  • These findings, from a survey of 5, 200 schoolchildren by Berlin's Free University, dismayed those who think national identity and democratic values rest on shared judgments about the traumatic past.

    ECONOMIST: East German history continues to arouse controversy

  • Rik Scheper and his colleagues at the Free University of Amsterdam inadvertently stumbled across the major vault protein when they were looking for proteins important in drug resistance in tumour cells.

    ECONOMIST: Cell biology: The secret of the vaults | The

  • Research into four European countries by Suzana Koelet of the Free University of Brussels and others confirms that international marriages have not risen as much as one might have expected in Europe.

    ECONOMIST: International marriage

  • The reason, says Professor Carl-Ludwig Holtfrerich of the Free University of Berlin, is that Germany returned to full employment more quickly, thanks partly to Hitler's own form of Keynesian stimulus: notably autobahn-building and rearmament.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • By its ruling, the court sets itself up as final arbiter of further EU integration (and even of rulings by the European Court of Justice), argues Christian Calliess of the Free University in Berlin.

    ECONOMIST: Germany and Europe

  • In September 1982, having just arrived for a year in Berlin, I was seeking an apartment and wrote down a phone number that was under the word Zimmer (a room to sublet) on a note posted on a Free University bulletin board.

    FORBES: Karin Germany Value in An Exceptional Friend

  • More damaging is the fact that the devolved Scots now enjoy important perks, such as some paid-for medicines and (soon) free university education, that the English don't—preferential treatment that violates a deep if illogical English expectation that government should treat everyone everywhere the same.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • Supporters of the ESM, such as Christian Calliess at the Free University of Berlin, who advised the court, countered that the ESM was designed so that its board, to be based in Luxembourg, needs approval for its decisions from the parliaments of member states.

    ECONOMIST: Germany and the euro

  • According to a study carried out by Dr Landau, in co-operation with Marc Parmentier at the Free University of Brussels, and Stephen O'Brien at the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland, roughly one in every ten Caucasians carries it, although it is strangely absent in African and Asian populations.

    ECONOMIST: Living with AIDS

  • Their food is subsidised through the Mercal mission, and their children's education is free up to university level.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela’s presidential election

  • Germany has the added attraction of dispensing university education free to foreigners as well as to domestic students.

    ECONOMIST: Wandering scholars

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