• Wallace suggests you not base your bets on "card odds" (the 1-in-50 chance of being dealt, for example, three of a kind versus the 1-in-4, 000 chance of being dealt four of a kind).

    FORBES: Busted

  • Ivan Drury, a senior analyst at Edmunds, points out the arrival of the four-door Mini Countryman — kind of a station wagon, but one with a lot of prestige.

    FORBES: 5 Things That Changed Since You Last Bought A Car

  • Brickyard Crossing, which used to host a Senior PGA event, is truly one-of-a-kind: four holes play inside the infield of the oval track, often with loud cars running by on test laps, linked by a tunnel to the fourteen holes just outside the stadium.

    FORBES: Great Urban Weekend Escapes: Indianapolis

  • Its Arrow 2 interceptor missile (developed with Boeing) will soon be joined by the Arrow 3 to form part of a four-tier territorial and theatre defence against every kind of rocket attack.

    ECONOMIST: Aerospace in Israel

  • "With the goals we are conceding, we need to have a look and do some kind of change to protect the back four a little bit better, " he said.

    WSJ: Not Bullish on Defense

  • Mr. STEINHARDT: I don't know that this is any different in a string quartet than it would be, let's say, with four people who are running a business of one kind or another.

    NPR: Audubon String Quartet Lawsuit Mixes Music, Business

  • The digitized images are painstakingly uploaded to the website she has created to showcase the original pieces that have been accumulated over the four years she has advocated for this one of a kind artist and personal friend.

    FORBES: The Mastery of The Escape Artist

  • Across four years he has led the country on a kind of Keynesian death march, pushing federal spending to 25% of GDP and producing weak growth.

    WSJ: Henninger: Escape From Spending Hell

  • Suddenly, a convoy of four-wheel-drive vehicles - the kind used by Iraqi officials - swerves madly through the traffic, sirens blaring, and a voice from a loudspeaker telling drivers to get out of the way.

    BBC: Viewpoint: Bad case of Baghdadophobia

  • Her closeness to Mr. Murdoch, who is said to regard her as a kind of favorite daughter (although he has four actual daughters), has protected her during the recent scandal engulfing the company, even as legislators called on her to resign.

    FORBES: The Phone Hacking Tapes: A Dearth Of Leadership

  • The first weekend of fixtures in this Four Nations would suggest Cameron Smith is being a little kind to England.

    BBC: Closing the gap?

  • Now, having revived Yahoo in four years as its chief executive, Semel promises a whole new kind of entertainment in a most hostile setting: the Internet.

    FORBES: Intertaining Yourself

  • Ken Fisher: This year should be a very different kind of year than any of the last four.

    FORBES: The Market Will Defy Expectations...And Go Nowhere

  • The multi-million dollar complex, the first of its kind in South Africa, boasts four soundstages, several offices, a cinema, as well as pre- and post-production services.

    CNN: The New Hollywood? Cape Town takes on Tinseltown

  • Published as the author turns eighty, The Trial of Socrates is an international best seller, making Stone, politically still an unrepentant radical, into a kind of national treasure whose death is marked by all four of the network evening news broadcasts.

    NPR: Journalism's Courageous, Cantankerous Hero

  • All it takes for you to land that kind of return is a pair of children no more than four years apart, expensive tastes in private schools and family finances that would entitle you to a smidgen of aid when just one attends.

    FORBES: Paying for College: the Gap Year

  • In fact, if there's a failure, the America policy was not to anticipate this kind of event four or five years ago.

    NPR: Who Might Follow Musharraf?

  • And then we return here to focus, as I mentioned, with 46 other countries, on locking down any vulnerable nuclear material over the course of the next four years to ensure that we are not faced with that kind of material falling into the hands of a terrorist organization.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefings

  • And this is a symbol of the kind of work that we need to be doing for the next four years and beyond.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Back in 1976, the Soviet Union was a superpower, there was only one kind of Coca-Cola and if a coffee shop tried to charge its customers four bucks for a cup of joe, it would get run out of town.

    FORBES: Dorm Rooms: 2006 Vs. 1976

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