• One way to increase the probability of rain is to seed the formation not of water droplets, but of ice crystals, an important step in precipitation.

    ECONOMIST: Aerobiology

  • "The high latitude North Atlantic Ocean is a globally important ocean region, as it is a sink for atmospheric carbon dioxide and an area where deep water formation takes place, " Prof Achterberg observed.

    BBC: Iceland volcano ash cloud triggers plankton bloom

  • "The results suggest that water was incorporated during the formation of Mars and that the planet was able to store water in its interior during the planet's differentiation, " Hauri said.

    MSN: Scientists say parts of Mars interior are as wet as Earth's

  • From the formation of the galaxies to water's physics and chemistry, Ball offers plenty of detail peppered with musings about everyday water experiences like putting the hose to his garden roses.

    FORBES: The Story Of Eau

  • Beneath the sands BP is now drilling, he says, lies an extension of the massive Pozo Rico, an older carbonate formation that extends into the water and was discovered in Mexico at the turn of the century.

    FORBES: Going deep

  • Rather, as a consequence of injecting water and sand into the shale formation to crack the rocks so gas and oil will flow, massive amounts of waste water comes back to the surface with significant amounts of contaminants as a result of leaching out salt, heavy metals and trace amounts of radioactive materials from the rock formation itself.

    FORBES: U.S. Energy Independence - So Close, Yet So Far

  • They are encouraging drillers to use tainted coal mine water to hydraulically fracture gas wells in the Marcellus Shale formation, with the twin goals of diverting pollution from streams and rivers that now run orange with mine drainage and reducing the drillers' reliance on fresh sources of water.

    WSJ: Pa. pushes drillers to frack with coal mine water

  • Well there are certainly bright spots, for example Iraq, the Bakken formation in the high plains states of the US, and African deep water.

    FORBES: Petroleum Balance

  • And now the Arctic's upper layers are getting less dense, for several reasons: melting Arctic glaciers, rising surface-water temperatures, increased precipitation and an absence of salt concentrations resulting from sea-ice formation.

    ECONOMIST: The science

  • Fire is weak to water, wood is weak to fire, and so on and so forth, making team formation an interesting task for each dungeon at hand.

    FORBES: Puzzle and Dragons: A Winning Mobile Mix

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