• Overnight Aubrey has been transformed from king to a rank barely above foot soldier.

    FORBES: Aubrey McClendon And The Wing Clipping Ceremony

  • In his resignation speech, Mr Matsumoto said he would continue to help with reconstruction efforts as "a foot soldier".

    BBC: Japan Reconstruction Minister Ryu Matsumoto quits

  • You know, he talks about being a foot soldier in the Reagan revolution, he needs foot soldiers in his revolution.

    NPR: Conservatives a Test for McCain After Romney's Exit

  • Every copy is like a foot soldier, heading out into the world to generate connections and dynamic conversation around the brand.

    FORBES: 3 Questions To Slay Your Mediocre Marketing

  • Here, our young troops would redefine the power of the foot soldier.


  • Foot soldier Kristy Schultz is a bubbly Hoosier from Valparaiso, Ind. and one of 450 kids emerging from the new Phoenix program this summer.

    FORBES: One Pen At A Time

  • The official likened Walker to a foot soldier talking about what a senior general has in mind -- saying the American was unlikely to know.

    CNN: Sources: American Taliban fighter says new attack planned on U.S.

  • But as every corporate foot soldier knows, the fight to make businesses profitable is not won by shifting pins on a map, but on the field of battle.

    ECONOMIST: Westinghouse RIP | The

  • Fuentes wears bright red shirts, mimicking Chavez's trademark color of choice, calls himself a proud foot soldier in Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution and in his private office there is a life-size photo of the Venezuelan leader.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Chavez moves into Peru

  • This so-called blade server, controlled by a Transmeta microprocessor, was designed merely to be a foot soldier in an army of servers that, when lashed together, could demolish the performance of much more sophisticated systems for much less cost.

    FORBES: Attack From Below

  • Of the terrorists, alleged and otherwise, cited by the CIA inspector general that Mohammed fingered during his coercive interrogations, only Ohio truck driver Lyman Faris was an actual al Qaeda foot soldier living in the United States who had the serious intention to wreak havoc in America.

    CNN: Commentary: Cheney wrong on interrogations

  • My friends, after three conventions as a candidate or a president, tonight I come to you as a citizen, returning to the role that I have played for most of my life, as a foot soldier in our fight for the future, as we nominate in Boston a true New England patriot for president.

    CNN: Clinton: Time again to choose a more perfect union

  • He had a huge appetite for life and I think what he gives to us in his music is what he terms, he called himself a foot solider in the service of music, and I think of him in that sense it would be the foot soldier reporting on the triumphs and tragedies of the world.

    NPR: Yo Yo Ma Reflects on Rostropovich

  • Here, you'd like something powerful, with agile maneuver, a compact and robust size half-way between the foot soldier and his Humvee or truck, bringing support of heavy firepower, a level of armor, robotics and gear into the alleys - something that will team in numbers to move and cover dismounted soldiers and each other, just as our foot soldiers do for each other everyday.


  • The neighborhood men either were in business for themselves the owners of the local candy store, grocery store, jewelry store, dress shop, furniture shop, service station, and delicatessen, or the proprietors of tiny industrial job shops over by the Newark-Irvington line, or self-employed plumbers, electricians, housepainters, and boilermen or were foot-soldier salesmen like my father, out every day in the city streets and in people's houses, peddling their wares on commission.

    NPR: Roth Rewrites History with a 'Plot Against America'

  • It's by our men and women who we call on to be on foot, interfacing with people, as our American soldier does best.


  • In the first incident, a soldier from 4th Battalion The Rifles died in an explosion while on foot patrol near Nad Ali on Thursday afternoon, said Britain's Ministry of Defence.

    CNN: 2 British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

  • The waves conceal whales, dolphins and sea turtles, and the western beaches are covered with armies of blue-backed soldier crabs that rear up on their hind legs and flee in panic at the approach of a human foot.

    BBC: The perfect trip: Queensland

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