• According to the World Food Program, the North's food grain production for this year is projected to be 3.2 million tons compared to 4.15 million tons five years ago.

    CNN: Kim Jong Il's New Direction

  • Prices of the food grain to be supplied under the program would be frozen for three years from the date of implementation, expected in the second half of the year.

    WSJ: India Cabinet Clears Food-Security Bill

  • Currently, the government provides subsidized food grain and other staples such as sugar through a notoriously corrupt and leaky public distribution system by which up to a third of the supplies never reach the intended beneficiaries, according to various estimates.

    WSJ: India Cabinet Clears Food-Security Bill

  • This is because the strain on subsidies is bound to increase as the government usually raises the state-assured prices paid to farmers every year for procuring food grain stocks, while the supply price would remain frozen under the proposed law, he added.

    WSJ: India Cabinet Clears Food-Security Bill

  • Critics have accused the renewable fuel mandates of increasing food and grain prices.

    FORBES: Big Win For Biofuels

  • And after two bumper years, the government says it has enough wheat and rice in store to prevent serious food-grain price inflation.

    ECONOMIST: India's water crisis

  • Feng Lu, a scholar with the China Centre for Economic Research at Beijing University, has criticised the tendency of policymakers to equate food with grain.

    ECONOMIST: China

  • For example, Jim Rodgers, co-founder with George Soros of the Quantum Fund, told the BBC that a lack of farmers played a starring role in a recent spike in food prices - grain, corn and soybean being critical parts of the food supply chain.

    BBC: How China drives commodities down

  • She pounds grain, food aid given by the U.N. to make her one daily meal.

    NPR: Somalia Struggles to Cope with Drought

  • During a spike in food prices in 2005 grain was 4.5% cheaper in markets with mobile coverage.

    ECONOMIST: How a luxury item became a tool of global development

  • Academics at Aberystwyth University in Wales say that the documents indicate that the bard profited from food shortages by illegally hoarding grain for resale at inflated prices.

    BBC: Quiz of the week's news

  • She said the poet and playwright's role as a grain hoarder during food shortages in the late 16th and early 17th Centuries were something that people had largely forgotten about him.

    BBC: William Shakespeare

  • The country's food crisis has its roots in atrocious farm productivity, the high international price of grain, and an embargo on much food aid because of North Korean belligerence towards South Korea in recent years.

    ECONOMIST: Food and stability in North Korea: Deprive and rule | The

  • Dr Feng counters fears about a grain embargo, by pointing out that any land used in other food production could fairly quickly be re-converted to grain in an emergency.

    ECONOMIST: China

  • CILSS, an intergovernmental body responsible for the region's food security, significant amounts of grain have this year been flowing in the opposite direction.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • For years government subsidies held down grain prices, making food cheaper.

    ECONOMIST: Food in rich countries

  • The equally ambitious Zigzag restaurant helmed by Swiss-born chef, Michel Hediger juxtaposes traditional alpaca steaks cooked on hot stones with interesting experiments in Peruvian-Italian fusion food, most notably gnocchi made with quinoa, a rice-like grain grown in the Andes that was once the sacred food of the Incas.

    BBC: Peru��s gastronomic renaissance

  • The Court also rejected an argument advanced by the Center for Food Safety that planting is the natural consequence of seeds, even though they are sold by a grain elevator with the intention of being processed into food or other products.

    FORBES: Connect

  • "Europe has enough grain to produce both its food and fuel needs, " he added.

    BBC: EU acts against harm from biofuel crops

  • Many countries' food policies are essentially about providing cheap grain, which is just a start.

    ECONOMIST: How much can farming really improve people��s health?

  • Fertilizer stocks, historically a boom-and-bust bunch, have been soaring lately, as investors bet that surging food inflation will continue to push global grain prices and fertilizer demand substantially higher.

    FORBES: How To Play The Boom In Ag Stocks

  • It produces so much food that government storehouses are overflowing with unsold grain, yet 250m-300m people do not have enough to eat.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of India's economy

  • Despite Russia's ban on grain exports, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization last week played down fears of a food crisis, saying it was "not justified at this point".

    BBC: Russia reduces grain harvest forecast

  • Over the years, the Minneapolis company expanded from grain storage to a dizzying array of food and agricultural products and services.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It is now clear that it was not ethanol that drove up the price of grain, and therefore the price of food.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Fact vs. fiction on food vs. fuel

  • China has cut grain exports to North Korea because rising food prices have given it reason to worry about its domestic supplies.

    ECONOMIST: Asia.view: Devil's bargain | The

  • Who would have thought that pizza would become a staple of the Chinese fast food and casual dining industry, going against the grain of thousands of years of culinary history?

    FORBES: Pizza Anyone?

  • An estimated one-fifth of the food produced in India, including one-tenth of grain reserves, is wasted.

    ECONOMIST: India's economic reforms

  • Given advances in agriculture and bioengineering, America could be the Saudi Arabia of grain in a century when the world is clamoring for more food.

    WSJ: Jeb Bush: The Road to Republican Revival

  • Also, the list is in order -- the closer a whole-grain ingredient is to the top, the more of it the food contains.

    CNN: Don't be afraid of the dark -- whole grains explained

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