• For example, the government is creating a Financial Supervision Agency to examine and supervise banks.

    CNN: Misreading Japan

  • They will oversee the writing of new EU rules on financial supervision and regulation.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • He will also be in charge of the powerful new Office of Financial Supervision.

    ECONOMIST: Kim the peacemaker

  • Government officials seem to hope that they can change the perception that Japan has a relatively relaxed regime of financial supervision.

    BBC: Japanese pursue CSFB

  • This week the Financial Supervision Agency took over the job of supervising the country's banks from the Finance Ministry's banking bureau.

    ECONOMIST: Will Tokyo finally clean house?

  • Mr Verberke said that steps would be taken to address the underlining structural imbalances which triggered the financial crisis in Europe, by introducing planned financial supervision and systemic risk assessments.

    BBC: European and External Affairs Committee

  • The government also wants to improve financial supervision.

    ECONOMIST: Will Tokyo finally clean house?

  • Inclusion as part of the Financial Stability Forum, a group of regulators and central bankers charged with the technicalities of financial supervision, may also make them more willing to support an expansion of the fund.

    ECONOMIST: The G20 in London

  • School was in Canada, where he had been attending a session at the Toronto International Leadership Centre for Financial Sector Supervision.

    ECONOMIST: Bank regulation

  • Reform of financial institution supervision, notably lax lending standards and the need for a measured move towards greater transparency in credit and risk management, is being discussed at the meting.

    FORBES: Paulson Finds Light And Dark At G7

  • Closely related to this third group of activities is a critical question that we as a country now face: how to strengthen our financial system, including our system of financial regulation and supervision, to reduce the frequency and severity of bouts of financial instability in the future.

    FORBES: Reducing Systemic Risk

  • At least informally, financial regulation and supervision in the United States already include some macroprudential elements.

    FORBES: Transcript

  • In my view, making the systemic risk rationale for guidances and reviews more explicit is certainly feasible and would be a useful step toward a more systemic orientation for financial regulation and supervision.

    FORBES: Transcript

  • These issues include the state of the global economy, implementing the framework agreement for strong, sustainable and balanced growth, facilitating job creation, reforming the currency and financial regulation and supervision systems, stability on global energy markets, stimulating international development, strengthening multilateral trade, and countering corruption.

    FORBES: Russia Rules G20 For First Time

  • These boards comprise Islamic scholars and practitioners who provide the Islamic financial institutions guidance and supervision.

    FORBES: South Dakota's Ill-Considered Attack On Islamic Financing

  • These efforts include steps to improve corporate governance and banking practices, overhaul the legal frameworks, and strengthen prudential regulation and supervision of financial institutions.


  • The mistakes that led to the financial crises of the 1980s and 1990s were made by rich-country financial institutions under the supervision of rich-country regulators.

    ECONOMIST: Hot and cold running money | The

  • They would do well to scotch proposals to reform the supervision of European financial firms.

    ECONOMIST: Don��t bank on Brussels

  • The supervision of the financial system has been overhauled to meet international norms.


  • This completed a hat-trick: on May 25th, a report on bank supervision from the Financial Stability Forum, a group of international regulators, had ranked the islands in the lowest grade.

    ECONOMIST: All havens in a storm | The

  • Sadly, much of her excellent work was destroyed under the Tony Blair government when chancellor Gordon Brown's profligacy wrecked the public finances and his ill-advised changes to banking supervision severely damaged the financial system.

    CNN: Why Britain needs another Thatcher

  • But since the Bank will take over bank supervision in Britain from the Financial Services Authority (FSA), Mr King's stance is deeply controversial.

    ECONOMIST: Britain's banking supremo

  • Several days ago Prince appointed Chief Financial Officer Todd Thomson to take over supervision of the private bank in Japan as well as become CEO of Citigroup's Smith Barney unit, where the costly scandal over research and investment banking had erupted.

    FORBES: Prince's Declaration Of Independence

  • Economists' suggestions include new rules on government spending, unified bank supervision and a bigger fund for financial emergencies.

    WSJ: Troubles in Euro Zone Offer Chance to Fix Its Flaws

  • Officials also pledged legal and regulatory reforms, including amendments to the Bankruptcy Act to speed up collateral collection by creditors, tighter supervision and examination of accounts of financial institutions, and tougher disclosure requirements to promote transparency.


  • The first is financial: the euro zone needs a region-wide system of bank supervision, recapitalisation, deposit insurance and regulation.

    ECONOMIST: The future of the European Union

  • It means that our supervision and our mechanisms for looking at trouble spots in our financial system are superior to what they were back in 2008.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama holds a Press Conference at the G20 Summit

  • Third, how giant mortgage lenders such as Countrywide Financial switched regulators so to fall under the lax oversight of the Office of Thrift Supervision, which was funded by fees paid by the regulated banks (and which also supervised AIG's derivative unit).

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • "If you're a financial institution that can borrow from the government, you should be subject to government oversight and supervision, " he said.

    CNN: Obama says he's better on economy

  • Market forces and models are useful tools but strong supervision and regulation should always be in the first line of defense in protecting our financial system.


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