• All four workers worked at a facility that processed the letter that eventually wound up in the office of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle.

    CNN: Postal workers angry over response

  • Barclays has also agreed to provide a letter of credit facility.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But members of the New York Police Department emergency service unit who came in contact with the letter that was opened at a city mail facility were examined for "minor symptoms" of ricin exposure that they experienced on Saturday, according to Paul Browne, NYPD spokesman.

    WSJ: Letters to Mayor Bloomberg Tested Positive for Ricin

  • They said the Wicker letter tested positive for ricin at a mail processing facility in Baltimore.

    WSJ: Ricin Also Suspected in Letter to Obama

  • That letter was opened at the city government's mail facility, in a biochemical containment box.


  • It was unclear precisely how the letter, which was intercepted Wednesday by the White House facility, was similar to letters laced with the poison ricin and addressed to Bloomberg.

    NPR: Secret Service: Letter To White House Intercepted

  • According to the letter, the four-story building will be a research facility that will not replace the existing campus on 1 Infinite Loop.

    CNN: Doug Gross,

  • The Secret Service said the letter to Obama was intercepted by a White House mail screening facility, and it was turned over to the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force for testing and investigation.

    WSJ: Union: NY mayor threats postmarked Shreveport, La.

  • The letter to the president was received Tuesday at a remote mail screening facility, the Secret Service said in a statement.

    WSJ: Ricin Also Suspected in Letter to Obama

  • Asked about Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum's Friday letter to Feinberg criticizing the claims process under the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, Feinberg again emphasized that the program is voluntary.


  • The letter to the president was received Tuesday at a remote mail-screening facility, the Secret Service said in a statement.

    WSJ: Ricin Also Suspected in Letter to Obama

  • As you saw from a statement from the FBI, as well as a statement from the United States Secret Service, there was a letter sent to, addressed to the President that at an offsite mail facility was noticed to have contained a suspicious substance in tests that were undertaken.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • The letter sent to Daschle was postmarked at a Trenton, New Jersey, processing facility, as were similar letters sent to the New York Post, Sen.

    CNN: Fumigation largely succeeding in clearing anthrax

  • The letter addressed to Wicker and bearing no return address was intercepted by the U.S. Senate Mail Facility in Landover, Maryland, and the FBI was alerted of it Tuesday, the affidavit says.

    CNN: FBI confirms letters to Obama, others contained ricin

  • The release of this letter comes as the City Council of Standish, Michigan - where the "Standish Max" state prison facility is under serious consideration as a destination for the transfer of Gitmo detainees - prepares to vote on a resolution that would authorize the housing of federal prisoners at Standish Max.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

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