• Investors closing an equity account outright are as likely as not to open a new bond fund or money market account.

    FORBES: The Track Less Taken

  • The US stock market is up over 20% in the last 12 months, so a million dollars in an equity account somewhere probably returned at least that.

    FORBES: On Washington, Investor Confidence At Zero

  • Some want it to have influence commensurate with the size of America's equity markets, which account for almost half of global market capitalisation.

    ECONOMIST: Accounting standards

  • Private equity and real estate each account for about 40% of the alternative investments in the IRAs at Pensco, Rodriques reports.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In a bankruptcy filing in the U.S. (think Refco), segregated futures accounts have seniority over other creditors and equity holders, so futures account holders get paid first.

    FORBES: Offshore Forex Trading Is Heading Back To U.S. Shores

  • But when they were given the option to invest in their own company's stock, they allocated more than 40% of their money to company stock and divided the rest equally between stocks and bonds--meaning that almost three-fourths of their portfolio was now in equities, simply because they put their own company's stock in a different mental account than other equity investments.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • If these markets were taken into account, the historical equity premium would be even lower.

    ECONOMIST: Stockmarket valuations

  • Do you have home equity or money in your retirement account that you can borrow from?

    FORBES: How to Prioritize Your Savings

  • IMF, do not take sufficient account of poverty and equity considerations.

    ECONOMIST: Poor Brazil

  • The Committee has given a deadline of 21 January for CalPERS to respond to ten hard-hitting questions aimed at better understanding the process employed by that fund's managers in making international debt and equity purchasing decisions (including the account histories of several questionable holdings).

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • For 88% of Equity's customers, the bank was the first bank at which they ever opened an account, and more than three-quarters of Equity's loans are unsecured by collateral.

    WSJ: Using Small Loans to Generate Big Profits

  • In a few companies, outstanding options now account for almost half the equity.

    ECONOMIST: A survey on pay

  • Over time, says fund researcher Lipper , the average equity fund investor investing through a taxable account gives up 2.5 percentage points of annual return to the taxman.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • People use an investment product, such as an equity based investment in an Individual Savings Account, to pay off the debt at the end of the mortgage period - typically after 25 years.

    BBC: Q&A: House prices rise again

  • Han Ong, regional strategist for Salomon Smith Barney in Hong Kong, says Malaysia had been regarded as a defensive play due to its currency controls and closed current account during the recent global equity meltdown.

    CNN: Business: Malaysia's Stock Market

  • In Japan, the average equity exposure is far lower, where bonds account for 48.8% of funds.

    FORBES: Investors Moving Into Rainy Day Cash After Sunny Quarters

  • Mr. Wang said long-term investments, including direct investments, private equity, infrastructure and real estate, now account for more than half of the fund's global portfolio, with the rest in public-market securities.

    WSJ: China's CIC Works on Funding Mechanism

  • Good news for equity investors--and a return to current account deficits matched by foreign direct investment inflows that will spur growth and keep Asian currencies relatively strong against the yen.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • If the reason is doubtful, so is the result: the process of choosing which equity analyst stays or which sales team keeps which account is likely to be contentious in all but the few areas where one firm has a decided edge (where it will merely be brutal).

    ECONOMIST: Investment banking

  • Investors may also be charged if their adviser invests part of their account in a hedge fund or private-equity fund.

    WSJ: Questions to Ask Your Financial Adviser About Fees

  • Unit trusts account for about 13% of the British equity market, which means that, to a significant extent, these managers are the market.

    ECONOMIST: Mutual suspicion

  • ETF's account for half of the Amex's equity business.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It is as if these investors were throwing money into a bank account that pays no interest and is subject to equity risk.

    FORBES: 2003: A Year of Awakening (December 3, 2003 )

  • Looking at the decline in total assets under management, equity assets are currently at about beginning-of-year levels, indicating that while many equity markets have not provided negative returns for the year, dedicated emerging market equity fund managers may have lightened up in their positioning to account for this retreat in assets under management.

    FORBES: Emerging Market Sell-Off Continues

  • The sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone and the lingering uncertainty over the repercussions of the debate on reducing the Federal deficit in the United States have the potential to impact the global debt origination market that account for approximately 43% of the revenues of the equity underwriting and debt origination segment of Goldman Sachs.

    FORBES: Goldman Rolls With Greek Punches, Stock Still Going To $164

  • For early boomers with exposure to the downturn (that is having two of these assets: housing equity, a 401(k) plan or an Individual Retirement Account), they need to sock away a median 7% more of their compensation each year, including raises, until they reach 65, says Jack VanDerhei, research director of the Employee Benefits Research Institute in Washington, D.

    FORBES: Savings Crisis For Some Early Boomers

  • Schultz, after analyzing each of the individual securities, would sell virtually the whole taxable account (except for Sara Lee) and reconstitute the overall equity portfolio to only 10% growth.

    FORBES: The 2005 Investment Guide

  • Equity markets had recently rallied even in the face of bad economic news on account of growing hopes that the Fed would step in with further measures to deal with slowing growth, but there was no masking the disappointment at the release of August employment data, which showed a net-nil job creation last month.

    FORBES: Goldman Bonds Take A Beating On Mortgage Suit, Treasury Yields Dive

  • Hence, passive investments in equity and fixed income have been growing more rapidly by attracting inflows not only on account of lower fees but also the diversification it offers.

    FORBES: BlackRock Bulks Up Into Investment Powerhouse But Its Stock Is Too Expensive

  • It stuffs the monthly account statements with encouragement to take out car loans as well as home-equity loans and other mortgage debt.

    FORBES: The holy credit union

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