• The home side were happy to play possession football after that and closed out the game with ease - keeping plenty in reserve while sending out a clear signal of their intent to regain their title.

    BBC: Manchester United 2-0 Sunderland

  • It was Reagan who helped ease out Augusto Pinochet in Chile, and now we have a very successful democratic government in Chile.

    NPR: Role of U.S. Changing in New World Order

  • And once you're in a plunge, it's important to ease out of the water just as you eased in.

    CNN: Are polar bear plunges good for you?

  • According to the World Bank, Brazil ranks 121 out of 185 countries in ease of starting a new business.

    FORBES: Entrepreneurship in Brazil: Unlimited Potential

  • The World Bank ranks Brazil 156 out of 180 countries in ease of paying taxes and it takes 2600 hours per year to do so.

    FORBES: Entrepreneurship in Brazil: Unlimited Potential

  • The solid earnings reported by many European banks in the first half should ease jitters in credit markets about their solvency and underscore their ability to earn their way out of trouble something the stress tests modelled, but in a way few investors found believable.

    ECONOMIST: Europe��s banks are making money hand over fist. How odd

  • Bonnie Balch searched online for a back surgeon and found a pitch she called irresistible: Laser Spine Institute LLC promised to ease her pain and have her out the door in a few hours.

    FORBES: Using Google To Sell Spine Procedures

  • There are several other tweaks, including a dash for players to move in and out of the action with ease and special globes that drop during combat which provide short-acting buffs similar to shrines.

    FORBES: Hands-On With Diablo III (PS3) At PAX East 2013

  • Brazil ranks 127 out of 183 countries in the ranking Ease of Doing Business Index by the World Bank.

    FORBES: You Must Know THIS Before Investing in Brazil

  • He concedes that "Wintel" machines have similar suites of software, but points out that Apple is the leader in ease of use.

    FORBES: Apple's New Core

  • It's too early to tell whether Russia will ease al-Assad out the way Saudi Arabia did in the case of Yemen's Abdullah Saleh.

    CNN: A game changer for Syria?

  • But China has not sought to ease the Americans or Europeans out from their dominant roles in the World Bank and the IMF.

    ECONOMIST: Round and round it goes

  • Boer returned to the club as a player in October 2009 to ease an injury after two years out of the sport and stayed for the rest of the season.

    BBC: Gloucester appoint Allan Lewis as academy director

  • While Algeria as a whole hardly offered a secure investment setting for foreign firms (the World Bank ranked them 148th out of 183 in terms of the ease of doing business), the energy sector seemed especially turbulent.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Other advances grow out of massive improvements in cost, quality and ease of use.

    FORBES: Spotting Evil

  • New Zealand maintained the pressure and when Jane collected out wide he barged over Beale with ease before running in to level the score and Carter's kick edged the All Blacks in front.

    BBC: Australia 26-24 New Zealand

  • In part, this will be to check on any monitoring equipment installed before the inspectors were forced to pull out four years ago, and in part to ease their way back into the job.

    ECONOMIST: The inspections begin

  • The problem with this attack in relation to Kaba is the ease with which it can be carried out.

    FORBES: Opening the Kaba Simplex Lock: Just How Easy Is It?

  • England attempted a late surge, but in reality Brazil were hardly ever disturbed and closed out with ease for a deserved victory.

    BBC: Brazil 1-0 England

  • Elsewhere residents on Gansevoort Street pumped water out of blackened basements while others blasted Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd in relative ease just blocks away.

    FORBES: In Photos: Downtown New York City After Hurricane Sandy

  • Ease of use for the line of business user wins out over depth and breadth of features in every one of the four personas they company tracks.

    FORBES: Connect

  • At the other end Nathan Doyle looked certain to head the visitors in front when he burst into the penalty area but Chris Cohen did brilliantly to ease the midfielder out of the way and he failed to connect with a teasing centre.

    BBC: Nott'm Forest 0-0 Barnsley

  • "The migration of all existing users from Ubuntu 10.04 to the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release is something we are looking forward to rolling out and reaping the benefits of the improved ease of use and additional functionality built-in to the Unity-based desktop" - Pawel Zieba, Senior IT Innovation Consultant at Capgemini BPO.

    ENGADGET: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin hits the web, with HUD in tow

  • Arshavin's magic totally deflated the hosts who, despite having big guns Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres and Alberto Aquilani on the pitch in the closing stages, barely mounted any meaningful response as Arsenal closed out the victory with ease.

    BBC: Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal

  • Together with cuts in federal corporate income tax and a new capital-markets law that improved corporate-governance standards, this lifted Mexico 19 places to 43rd (out of 175 countries) in the World Bank's latest annual survey on the ease of doing business around the world.

    ECONOMIST: Working in the official economy has its drawbacks

  • With the ease of switching smartphones as a starting point, consumer are going to find it increasingly easy to migrate in and out of ecosystems and also mix, match and integrate across ecosystems.

    FORBES: Was Apple 'MySpaced'? Is Google Next?

  • This growth should be enough to both lift considerably more homeowners out of negative equity in 2013 and persuade more potential sellers to list their homes and help ease supply constraints in some areas.

    FORBES: Mortgage Settlements Not Likely To Move Housing Market

  • Javier Solana, the so-called "High Representative" of the EU -- in effect its foreign policy supreme -- is working on the command structure and seeking to ease the worries of countries like Turkey, currently in NATO but not in the EU, that they will be squeezed out of future decisions on European security.

    CNN: Europe bites bullet with defence force

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