• Then two years ago he saw a drip irrigation system being demonstrated in his village.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • And some garden drip irrigation systems, which use lengths of perforated hose, are also exempted.

    BBC: Q&A: Hosepipe bans

  • He previously ran his own successful drip irrigation business in the Middle East and North Africa.

    FORBES: Issues & Ideas

  • But modern drip irrigation uses underground computerized probes and long plastic tubes to slowly release water over long distances.

    BBC: The Negev desert wine route

  • He recommended that the farmer switch to drip irrigation, and get some fans in his greenhouse, too.

    NEWYORKER: Testing, Testing

  • Small price rises for water have led to more rational planting, and to techniques like drip irrigation.

    ECONOMIST: California's economy

  • The MGM Mirage company installed low-flow bathroom fixtures inside its 11 Las Vegas hotels and drip irrigation outside.

    NPR: Stakes High for Las Vegas Water Czar

  • Among these figure water-harvesting technologies and drip irrigation, as well as technologies that recycle grey water in peri-urban agriculture.

    UNESCO: World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP)

  • In a walled vineyard belonging to a former poppy farmer Mr Shaulis has set up a drip irrigation system.

    BBC: Programme transcript

  • Experts recommend that you use bubblers or drip irrigation systems that deliver the water very close to the young plants.

    CNN: X-rated yards save the environment

  • Syria is well aware of the need for conservation measures and all new schemes are designed for sprinklers or drip irrigation.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • Bhavarlal stumbled into his niche when he saw a drip irrigation system in 1985 at an agricultural trade show in Fresno, California.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • For example, drip irrigation allowed Mr Thapa to grow cucumbers out of season, when they sold for three times their normal price.

    ECONOMIST: Poverty

  • Israel today supplies 50 percent of the international market for drip irrigation.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: America's exceptional ally

  • Jain Irrigation, an Indian maker of irrigation systems, uses dance and song to explain the benefits of drip irrigation to farmers who can't read.

    ECONOMIST: Schumpeter

  • This is high-tech stuff that involves not just drip irrigation and condensation-trapping greenhouses, but remote sensing by satellites which provide ET readings for areas of 30 by 30 metres.

    ECONOMIST: But the science of yields is unyielding

  • However, this seemingly dry and arid region in southern Israel is now home to a burgeoning wine route, thanks to a group of pioneering 21st-century farmers and their use of computerized drip irrigation.

    BBC: The Negev desert wine route

  • Israel could also help Syria use whatever water it still has, or is able to produce through desalination and recycling more wisely through drip irrigation - which was invented in Israel.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: America's exceptional ally

  • It invests in businesses dedicated to making social change, like the drip irrigation company MicroDrip, which intends to save farmers money by enabling them to use less water to irrigate their crops.

    FORBES: Capitalist Do-Gooders Vs. Poverty - Warts And All

  • Five are commercial ventures, including the overall winner, Bioneedle, and a Kenya-based social enterprise, Backpack Farm Agriculture Program, which sells tools and products like seeds and drip irrigation equipment to small commercial farmers in East Africa.

    FORBES: The World's Best Sustainability Ideas

  • But the authors are persuasive that some things can be done just as well with less fuel or material: drip irrigation, for example, superwindows, innovative cooling and ventilation systems, integrated fish management, and economic incentives that reward efficiency rather than waste.

    ECONOMIST: Green plus red-tape makes brown

  • We help these families have permanent land for cultivation, we help them access modern technology with low-water-intake drip irrigation, we create village reservoirs for year-round water, and then we teach them to produce fruits and vegetables with a harvest every two weeks so they can sell year round.

    FORBES: Why the Ivory Problem Requires Dealing with Supply Not Demand

  • They invested in new drip-irrigation systems and computers for packing houses that sort by size and color.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • There are pilot-projects with fast-growing trees that can be pollarded for firewood, and drip-feed irrigation for saplings.

    ECONOMIST: Missing trees reflect the country's woeful recent history

  • Even without new seed varieties or fancy drip-feed irrigation, investment should help farmers.

    ECONOMIST: Buying farmland abroad

  • Israel is experimenting with drip hoses as one way to vastly reduce the water wasted in irrigation.

    CNN: Fuelling our future

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