• The spending watchdog said organisations should ensure that their packages did not cost more in the long run, did not deprive the organisation of vital staff, and did not unfairly deprive staff of their employment rights.

    BBC: Call for 'value for money' Scottish public sector pay-offs

  • The message was plain: It is necessary and perhaps noble to deprive a person of what he has earned, but it would be morally monstrous to deprive a person of the unearned.

    FORBES: It's Time To Kill The 'Robin Hood' Myth

  • "We are not getting the revenues we deserve often because of either corrupt practices, transfer pricing, tax evasion and all sorts of activities that deprive us of our due, " Mr Annan told the BBC's Newsday programme.

    BBC: Kofi Annan: Africa plundered by secret mining deals

  • "The use of same engines would deprive F1 of its competition and technological development, " said Ferrari.

    BBC: Ferrari make F1 engine row threat

  • "the use of same engines would deprive F1 of its competition and technological development".

    BBC: Alonso in quit threat over rules

  • Only if Google is using its roughly 65% control over Internet searches to drive competitors out of other markets and deprive consumers of a choice there, will the government have a legitimate case.

    FORBES: Google Faces The Big Question Of Whether Success Is Illegal

  • Job relocation and the need to free up assets are facts of life that can deprive families of the luxury of waiting until the peonies bloom to put their homes on the market.

    FORBES: Real Estate

  • It would embolden opponents of same-sex marriage and deprive proponents of one of their most potent moral claims in the political process that the denial of marriage rights offends American values of equality.

    WSJ: Michael McConnell: The Constitution and Same-Sex Marriage

  • For, whatever their economic impact, widely supported UN sanctions do give the lie to Iran's claims that it is the victim of a Western-inspired plot to deprive it of its right to nuclear energy, rather than being in the dock for what IAEA inspectors report have been serious violations of its nuclear safeguards.

    ECONOMIST: Brazil, Turkey and Iran

  • Democrats are on the side of command-and-control mandates that deprive individuals of choice.

    FORBES: Uncommon Sense

  • After tea, Panesar resorted to firing in at leg-stump from round the wicket in the spirit of recently retired Ashley Giles and it became a matter of whether Kumble could reach three figures and deprive India of the highest total not containing a century.

    BBC: Maiden Kumble ton crushes England

  • Such a decision would put hundreds of British jobs at risk and would once again deprive Londoners of the much-loved hop-on, hop-off service.

    CNN: London mayoral election: Battle of the buses

  • Upright and proud, in front of all the cameras of the world, she pleaded: Don't deprive us of our income.

    UNESCO: Education

  • It said Airbus had engaged in a 40-year pattern of leveraging prohibited subsidies from four European governments to systematically deprive Boeing of market share.

    FORBES: Can Airbus Survive Without Subsidies?

  • Correspondents say the French-speaking southern region of Wallonia fears that greater regional self-rule will deprive it of federal tax revenues and have a negative impact on social services.


  • But whatever the impact of divorce on children, no government is likely to deprive women of the freedoms they have won, in marriage and at work, over the past 50 years.

    ECONOMIST: I do, I can, I will

  • He said that there was nothing wrong with someone having a larger ammount of private property as long as their having more did deprive people of a comfortable share of their labor.

    FORBES: Why China Is Really In Big Trouble

  • Huge swathes of forest in Perthshire, Lochaber and Argyll were systematically destroyed to deprive wolves of their habitat.

    BBC: Pup and mother Elara

  • But critics of the bill, including three opposition parties under the umbrella of the Democratic Alliance claim the law targets law-abiding citizens and will deprive them of their right to self-defence.

    BBC: SA targets guns

  • After all, the burden of proof in such cases should lie on those who wish to be allowed to deprive consumers of reasonable choices.

    ECONOMIST: Software, soft drinks

  • If one of the principal, stated rationalizations for this exercise is to expand the pool of personnel for the armed forces, it would be madness in time of war to be pursuing it when, on net, the effect will actually deprive it of far larger numbers of skilled, experienced troops and officers.


  • But logic requires judges to follow a tortured path of first determining that female circumcision is medically unnecessary and deprives women of future sexual pleasure, while male circumcision has some medical justifications and does not unduly deprive men of sexual pleasure.

    FORBES: I'm Not Making This Up Dept.: San Francisco Mulls Ban On Circumcisions

  • And as the President said at the end of his press conference last week, he would like nothing more than for Congress to deprive him of the opportunity to run against a do-nothing Congress by actually doing something on the economy and jobs.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Given that these businesses touch so many of the voters who swept Mr Sarkozy to power last year, he is unlikely to want to deprive them of their perks and protection ahead of the local elections.

    ECONOMIST: France's government: The unpopular president | The

  • Finally, although litigating these claims in California rather than New York likely will be more burdensome for TradeComet, which has its principal place of business in New York, there is no suggestion that it would be so difficult as to deprive TradeComet of a fair opportunity to litigate its claims.

    FORBES: TradeComet's Antitrust Complaint Against Google is Dismissed

  • Worse, they have invited the use against themselves of the Assembly procedure devised in the black days of Korea to deprive communist aggression of the shield of the Russian veto.

    ECONOMIST: Splenetic Isolation | The

  • Helium is an inert gas which kills when people use helium to deprive themselves of oxygen.

    FORBES: Helium is More Dangerous Than Cannabis, Ecstasy and Mephedrone Put Together

  • He said such a move would deprive voters of choice and entrench tribal politics.

    BBC: John McCallister

  • But the deal would deprive Iran of any justification for enriching to higher levels itself.

    ECONOMIST: And still no end to Iran��s nuclear story

  • In October 2001, our aims were to defeat al-Qaeda and deprive it of a safe haven.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Would Obama really fight the war?

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