• Dotcom has so far managed to dance away from the American authorities over MegaUpload.

    FORBES: Links 19 Jan: Kim Dotcom's PR System Is Certainly Working Well Over Mega

  • Characters break out into song at crucial moments and dance away the evenings in a night club yet a secret society run by the club manager threatens to turn their serious fun into frivolous danger.

    NEWYORKER: Up/Down/Fragile

  • Our plan was to get there in time for the free group lesson, then to use our new skills to dance the night away.

    WSJ: Dilbert Creator Scott Adams's Year Without Fear

  • But a Tibetan restaurant owner complains that calls for a subdued new year kept away dance troupes and the custom they would normally attract.

    ECONOMIST: China and Tibet

  • Van Halen, founded by guitarist Eddie Van Halen, are one of America's most successful hard rock bands, with hits including Dance The Night Away and Jump.

    BBC: NEWS | Entertainment | REM gain rock Hall of Fame place

  • John Legend premiered his Benny Benassi-produced single "Dance the Pain Away" in the Sahara tent during the DJ's set, and Solange made a guest appearance during the performance of her friends the xx.

    CNN: R. Kelly ignites Day 2 of Coachella

  • The Internet is like the prom, a superficial, popularity contest, where not having a twitter picture, or insanely high privacy settings does you as many favors as hiding in the bathroom, while your friends dance the night away.

    FORBES: Private Profiles Finish Last

  • Byrne also backed Wales' pre-match response to the haka, where the home side stared down New Zealand's traditional war dance challenge from 10 yards away.

    BBC: Wales can beat Wallabies - Henry

  • Is your brand an introvert standing away from the dance floor too shy to ask for a dance or does your brand have the confidence to walk up to the bar and introduce itself to the most gorgeous person standing there.

    FORBES: How To Build An Unforgettable Technology Brand

  • The minister said she absolutely agreed with Mr Frew that it was time to do away with "the dance" that had to be negotiated every year.

    BBC: December Fisheries Council Meeting

  • Brown enacted it by dropping to his knees, awash in sweat, unable to dance another step, yet shooing away his cape bearer, the aide who would enrobe him and hustle him offstage.

    NEWYORKER: We Are Alive

  • Club act Dirty Vegas walked away with the best dance recording Grammy for their track Days Go By, which became a hit in the US thanks to its use in a car advertisement.

    BBC: Coldplay

  • The soullessness of popular electronic dance music has compelled some musicians to move away from the computer.

    WSJ: Tricky Business: Style Built on Samples | By Jim Fusilli

  • As the day fades away, the sun enters a slow dance with the mountains, reflecting an ever-changing kaleidoscope of hues in the water below before finally creeping behind the peaks.

    BBC: The Philippines�� secret sanctuary

  • British television presenter Gail Porter was also at the tribute: "As soon as I saw it on Twitter, I thought 'let's go and have a dance', " she told CNN while twittering away on her cell phone.

    CNN: Jackson fans stage mass 'moonwalk' in London

  • Now, off to Zumba so I can dance and laugh the stress of settling into a new home away!

    FORBES: Top Seven Ways To C'Mon Get Happy

  • Mr. Patterson is looking away, squinting intently at another steep slope called Snow Dance that's tucked between two rock headwalls.

    WSJ: Heli-Skiing in Greenland

  • Its razor-sharp leaves can maim, and workmen (called jimadores) who cut away the leaves to get at the heart must do a careful dance.

    FORBES: Mexican Invasion

  • Burlesque My main complaint about Burlesque is that it offers only a burlesque of burlesque it gives you dance routines with provocatively costumed chorines making provocative moves, but the incessant quick cutting takes away most of the fizz and pizzazz.

    FORBES: Holiday Heaven and Hell: From Potter to Portman to Pop's Potentates

  • Inspired by what they'd just been through, in October they formed a company called the Family Dog, and on October 15, they rented Longshoreman's Hall and put on a dance with music by the Charlatans, Jefferson Airplane, and a band that lived a couple of doors away from the Charlatans, the Grateful Dead.

    NPR: Dylan, the Red Dog and the Real Summer of Love

  • If there's a star to blame here (and, to be clear, I'm not sure there is I'd bet the amateur look and sound of the movie is what kept audiences away), it's lead actress Julianne Hough, whose first three music-and-dance features since leaving "Dancing with the Stars" have all been relative box office disappointments.

    CNN: Box office report: 'Madagascar 3' earns $35.5M

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