• In addition to their function in social and cultural expressions, the continuation of beads production is important for economic empowerment and sustainable development.

    UNESCO: Patrimoine culturel immatériel

  • The increase in local programme production should enhance the appreciation of Caribbean cultural heritage, particularly among youngsters.

    UNESCO: Introduction

  • It has also improved understanding in how to design local cultural policies and infrastructure that enable the creation, production and distribution of creative works.

    UNESCO: International Fund for Cultural Diversity

  • Despite the usual cold sweats foreigners have about India (nightmarish red tape, a cultural gap), Chinese executives agree that more local production will take place.

    ECONOMIST: India and China

  • Key themes of SD in the region include among other things poverty alleviation, citizenship, peace, ethics, responsibility in local and global contexts, democracy and governance, justice, security, human rights, health, gender equity, cultural diversity, rural and urban development, economy, production and consumption patterns, corporate social responsibility, environmental protection, climate change, prevention and adaptation, natural resource management, biological and landscape diversity.

    UNESCO: Education

  • The Women in Music Foundation , the members of the International Honour Committee , (comprising national associations, composers, musicologists and distinguished women), together with a network of musicians in 116 countries, gives visibility, safeguards and sustains research regarding historic artistic production, encourages contemporary creativity and the musical and cultural diversity of women composers.


  • Favour the production and use of OER in local languages and diverse cultural contexts to ensure their relevance and accessibility.


  • Two of the areas that seem most promising to me, in terms of cultural impact, are the performance of electronic music and the real-time production of animation.

    FORBES: Leap Motion Is Putting Its Future Into The Hands Of Software Developers

  • These sheets are devoted to the production and organisation of concerts and shows, proposing basic information to enlighten cultural operators as to the economic and legal operation of the industry, and the various elements to be taken into account when organising a show.

    UNESCO: Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity

  • The cultural space of Palenque is not only threatened by economic changes that affect local modes of production, but also by the armed conflict between Colombian paramilitary and local guerrilla groups.

    UNESCO: Intangible Cultural Heritage

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