• "An indescribable conglomeration of beauty and ugliness, " the late San Francisco columnist Herb Caen once wrote.

    WSJ: Jason Gay: San Francisco Is Very Hard to Hate

  • It was a period when conglomeration was a popular business strategy, and Mr. Johnson became one of its leading apostles.

    WSJ: Johnson Helped Turn Railroad Into Conglomerate

  • There is obvious scope for this in Europe, where the degree of conglomeration is still far higher than in America.

    ECONOMIST: Mergers and acquisitions

  • This is not the kind of conglomeration you see at, say, Tyco.

    FORBES: Lord of the Rigs

  • Hype Machine is sort of a conglomeration of Pandora and last.fm.

    FORBES: 7 Websites for Music Lovers

  • Although the Pakistani Taliban is an independent conglomeration of Taliban groups, al Qaeda was seeking to control their tactics and stop their counterproductive killing of Pakistani civilians.


  • The seeds for this conglomeration of scientific talent were a cluster of research institutes like Salk, Burnham and Scripps, all near La Jolla, plus the University of California campus.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But everybody knows that pooling-of-interest accounting, which tends to inflate reported earnings after a merger, helped encourage the conglomerate craze of the late Sixties, and that changing those rules made conglomeration much less attractive.

    FORBES: Why Everybody's Jumping On The Accountants These Days

  • Started in 1987 as a local music show, SXSW has grown into an amazing conglomeration of music, film and interactive shows alongside conferences that run the gamut from gaming to design to TED-like talks.

    FORBES: Your Guide to Coachella and Upcoming Music Festivals

  • On Thursday, executives from Lycos, Excite and Infoseek will speak on a panel called "In the Eye of the Internet Networks: The Power of Conglomeration" at CES' Digital Hollywood, a kind of a show within the show.

    CNN: Portals open doors to convergence at CES

  • Some of these customers are to be found just up the road, part of the dense engineering conglomeration of this most industrious of towns, but others, such as Boeing Aerospace, for which Pietro Carnaghi has built a machine to shape the top of Delta-4 rockets, are in America.

    ECONOMIST: The complications of clustering

  • But perhaps at the political level, we should dare to say that there has always been a tension on how power is shared because the way power is shared determines the way resources are distributed and shared in a country such as ours that has a very large conglomeration of communities or tribes as they are commonly called.

    NPR: Nobel Laureate Explains Kenya's Battle for Peace

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