• Her father was a tax inspector who taught himself classical Greek and in his spare time edited a socialist newspaper.

    ECONOMIST: Barbara Castle

  • Languages can be either ancient or modern, drawn from a list of 172 course options, ranging from classical Greek to Japanese and Urdu.

    BBC: Computer science part of English Baccalaureate

  • He says part of the problem is that too few people now study classical Greek, Latin or Arabic and there are not enough experts to interpret the original texts.

    BBC: Plants found in ancient pills offer medicinal insight

  • As a child and teen, I studied a variety of languages, including Latin, German, classical Greek, and Hebrew, but I never learned enough to be considered fluent by any stretch of the imagination.

    FORBES: Do Multilingual Individuals Earn More Money?

  • Gregory Nagy, a professor of classical Greek literature at Harvard, is a gentle academic of the sort who, asked about the future, will begin speaking of Homer and the battles of the distant past.

    NEWYORKER: Laptop U

  • She said schools with humanities as a specialism had the option to focus on the teaching and learning of classical studies - Latin, Classical Greek and classical civilisation - alongside a core option of history, geography or English.


  • An alternative approach is to appeal to the classical Greek philosophy that views kindness through the lens of reason, emphasizing the positive effects acts of kindness have not just on the receiver of kindness but to the giver of kindness as well, not for the salvation of the soul in the afterlife, but in this life.

    FORBES: How to Turn Every Corporate Member into a Philanthropist

  • This snarling, fire-snorting Chimera, which has a storied history, epitomizes the mythical monster that figures in many classical Greek texts and was first mentioned, among those that survive, in Homer's "Iliad": it's a dramatic fusion of a lion's head and body, a serpent forming the tail, and a horned, bearded goat's head and neck protruding from the spiked spine of the lion.

    WSJ: The Imaginary Made Nearly Read | The Chimera of Arezzo | Masterpiece by Judith H. Dobrzynski

  • And though the city's monumental examples of the beaux arts and art deco movements are well documented in civic buildings dressed up in a mixed bag of Classical Roman and Greek elements, the city actually received its greatest modern architectural contribution in the years after WWII, when Ludwig Mies van der Rohe pioneered the new "International Style".

    BBC: The infamous architecture of Chicago

  • In Yes Minister, Sir Humphrey and his civil service colleague Bernard Woolley regularly flaunt their classical education with word-perfect Latin and Greek quotations they know their boss will not understand.

    BBC: Memory and method: In praise of learning by rote

  • The fact that Palladio's drawings still exist may well be due to the English passion for collecting all things Greek and Roman or of later, classical inspiration and carting them back home (the contested Elgin marbles, for one conspicuous example).

    WSJ: Palladio & His Legacy, at the Morgan Library & Museum | By Ada Louise Huxtable

  • Jim was our general guide, but within the trip we also had a couple of professional specialized Greek guides, especially for the three-day Classical tour.

    FORBES: Greece Ain't So Bad

  • An eventual solution though probably not one that will happen on Mr MacGregor's watch would be to send the marbles back to Athens on loan and accept the Greek offer to provide a series of temporary exhibitions of classical art to fill the gallery.

    ECONOMIST: A new tribute to the Parthenon

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