• The software houses then chop up orders into bite-sized pieces and feed them to thousands of subcontractors.

    ECONOMIST: Software in Japan

  • So her staff rewrote software to chop up structural analysis into small chunks and distribute them to 5, 000 workstations to process overnight.

    FORBES: Sharing Power

  • With a global satellite presence, News Corp would be able to chop up and repackage content for different markets many times over.

    ECONOMIST: Satellite television: Another twist in the tale | The

  • Now Serebryakov wants to chop up the surrounding forests and sell off the land, leaving Vanya with only his own wasted life to contemplate.

    NEWYORKER: White Noise

  • Even Baitullah Mehsud had struggled to rein in the violent excesses of Hakimullah and his cousin Qari Hussain, another TTP commander, who likes to chop up his victims with a knife and to brainwash children into becoming suicide-bombers.

    ECONOMIST: At odds with each other as well as civilisation

  • Now orders have to be executed at the best available price that can be automatically executed on any exchange, even if it means asking a computer to chop up that 100, 000 order into lots of little chunks and spreading them across ten networks.

    FORBES: Swinging At Nasdaq

  • The loans are sold to banks, which then chop them up and repackage them in securities, complete with ratings and tranches to appeal to different types of investors.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • ABB's best trick is its ability to take electric current of any voltage and frequency, chop it up into tiny bits and reassemble it into the form needed.

    FORBES: Companies, People, Ideas

  • We can chop the data up into overall usage, sequential usage, multitasking, cross-platforming, whatever.

    FORBES: Connect

  • The next step would be to chop this genome up into, say, 10, 000 chunks and then synthesize these.

    FORBES: Is It Possible To Clone A Neanderthal?

  • The Taliban's strongest suit has been law and order, thanks to their brutal readiness to string up criminals or chop off their hands and feet.

    ECONOMIST: Afghanistan

  • Now Renault aims to chop its cost of capital outlays by 50%, freeing up cash that can be pumped into new models.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

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