• Top U.S. officials were reportedly negotiating agreements with several countries in the central Asia region Tuesday.

    CNN: Rumsfeld: U.S. must 'drain the swamp'

  • The company has operations in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Asian-Pacific region and North America, but China projects account for 83% of revenue.

    WSJ: Sinopec Engineering's IPO Has Skeptics

  • Roughly half of all South-East Asian migrants are thought to have remained in the neighbourhood, and nearly two-thirds of migrants from eastern Europe and Central Asia have stayed in their own region.

    ECONOMIST: Developing countries attract migrants too

  • EU. Among the arguments invoked for Turkey's membership are the promotion of human rights, bridling its generals, fostering European commercial interests in Central Asia, keeping fundamentalists in the region at bay, the security of Europe and the safety of oil supplies.

    ECONOMIST: Ever larger Union?

  • The picture was different abroad: Some 79% of two-year degree programs in the Asian-Pacific region and 80% of those in Central Asia experienced application gains as more locals sought graduate certifications and international students considered the region's strong job markets and economic opportunities.

    WSJ: M.B.A. Applications Drop for Fourth-Straight Year

  • The Kazakh opposition, like the opposition in Kirgizstan, is convinced that the high-handed behaviour of the rulers of Central Asia is a side-effect of the region's growing geopolitical importance.

    ECONOMIST: Will intervention foster democracy?

  • It is therefore conceivable that IW could provide China with the capacity to hinder American military operations in the Asia-Pacific, a region of central importance to U.S. national security interests.


  • In the second world war the Germans who had lived in the Volga region for generations were moved to Central Asia (and their hard-working descendants are now moving to Germany).

    ECONOMIST: Central Asia

  • Olivier Roy, a Paris-based specialist on Central Asia, points to the cultural split in the region between the nomads from the steppes and mountains, mainly Kirgizs, Kazakhs and Turkmens, and the sedentary, mainly urban Uzbeks and Tajiks who settled in the river basins of Transoxania.

    ECONOMIST: At the crossroads | The

  • At the same time, extreme droughts turned forests in Asia, the Mediterranean region, Mexico, Central America, Florida and California into tinderboxes.

    CNN: Global warming may harm human health

  • The rest of the region, along with Asia, CIS, South and Central America will receive LG's fastest smartphone in the weeks and months ahead.

    ENGADGET: LG's Optimus 4X HD officially making its way to European locales June 11 (update)

  • "Central bank currency reserves are in decline in every region with the exception of Asia, where China is still accumulating, " Galy said.

    FORBES: Currencies

  • Central Asia's growing strategic importance for America and its friends is also affecting the region's atmosphere in more subtle ways.

    ECONOMIST: Will intervention foster democracy?

  • Sitting in the center of the so-called Sun Belt, the country is part of a vast, rainless region reaching from the western edge of North Africa to the eastern edge of Central Asia that boasts the best solar energy resources on Earth.

    FORBES: The Saudi Arabia Of Solar Energy

  • America moved heavily into Central Asia for the war in Afghanistan, and the two big powers have eyed each other warily in the region ever since.

    ECONOMIST: A proliferation of revolutions

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