• By convention, most buy-out bosses maintain that they anticipated a recession and acted cautiously.

    ECONOMIST: The hollow bullishness of buy-out firms’ bosses

  • The great artist feels stifled by convention and seeks ways to eradicate it.

    FORBES: Miro's Creative Destruction

  • To qualify as statistically significant a result has, by convention, to have odds longer than one in 20 of being the result of chance.

    ECONOMIST: Just how reliable are scientific papers?

  • But Ms Short, as usual, refused to be bound by convention.

    ECONOMIST: The politics of war

  • By convention, speakers in the House of Commons refer to each other as honourable members (and not even on Mark Antony's all honourable men principle).

    ECONOMIST: Desiccated calculating bores

  • Senator CLINTON: All votes cast by the delegates will be counted and that I move Senator Barack Obama of Illinois be selected by this convention, by acclamation, as the nominee of the Democratic...

    NPR: On The Floor: Sounds From The DNC

  • In sum, the recovery in lodging trends, paced by improved convention activtiy powered by an economic recovery will serve as the primary driver of improved operations in Las Vegas and Macau — which should logically attract renewed investor attention to MGM and Wynn.

    FORBES: Depressed MGM, Wynn Resorts Are Best Bets On Mighty Comeback of Las Vegas, Macau

  • Such unauthorized tracking or hacking tactics are clearly cybercriminal acts within the Convention and subject to investigation, with the full cooperation and assistance authorized by the Convention.

    FORBES: Caution: Active Response to Cyber Attacks Has High Risk

  • The workshop focuses on understanding the 2003 convention, its implementation and how to benefit from the mechanism of international cooperation established by the convention.


  • But to judge by the convention, loyalty to Mr Bush negates this advantage.

    ECONOMIST: Why George Bush needs to be careful, rather than daring

  • Mr Olmert will stay on all this time as transitional prime minister, bereft, by constitutional convention, of the power to make big new decisions.

    ECONOMIST: Israel

  • Mali and its neighbouring countries are bound by the Convention, the only international instrument focused exclusively on the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property.


  • Consequently, starting from its first meeting on 18 and 19 November 2006, the Intergovernmental Committee is composed of 24 members, the maximum number foreseen by the Convention.

    UNESCO: Intangible Cultural Heritage

  • The bodies created by the convention—the International Seabed Authority, and International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea—worry conservative American groups like the Heritage Foundation which fear global bureaucracies.

    ECONOMIST: The Arctic

  • The draft calls for each country that ratifies the treaty to establish regulations for the export of ammunition "fired, launched or delivered" by the weapons covered by the convention.

    NPR: Optimism In UN Over 1st Global Arms Trade Treaty

  • The research will focus on the implementation of the measures for safeguarding at a national level the intangible cultural heritage, as defined by the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

    UNESCO: Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial

  • And if these articles on home affairs are reopened, the Germans, for all their determination to stick by the convention text, may be tempted to abandon their support of majority voting on immigration.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • The elections and the selection by lot of members to serve two-year terms were carried out in accordance with the principle of equitable geographical representation foreseen by the Convention in Article 6.1.

    UNESCO: Intangible Cultural Heritage

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