• "Dear, " which always looked fine atop a business letter, or a handwritten note, is increasingly seen as archaic and old-fashioned on a computer screen or on a smartphone or mobile device.

    CNN: Is 'Dear' dead?

  • To travel undetected in the guise of a standard business letter, the device needed to fit into the most commonly used envelope (a number ten in America, which is about 100mm by 240mm).

    ECONOMIST: Monitor

  • Advised that the Press and Journal had published a letter from a business leader backing Scotland's renewable prospects, Mr Gray pondered aloud whether said business leader had seen the letter prior to publication.

    BBC: From hand-kissing to face-skelping

  • "The clearly political intent to fix a final and irreversible end-date for German nuclear energy with such unprecedented haste gives me increasing worry, " Hans-Peter Keitel, head of Germany's BDI business lobby, wrote in an open letter to German business leaders Monday.

    WSJ: Germany to Forsake Its Nuclear Reactors

  • However, unlike George Gilder, who makes no bones about his preference for talking technology applications over stocks, Murphy has actually expanded his letter business into a money management operation.

    FORBES: Murphy's Law Of Investing

  • Advisers can enclose a brochure with their own letter or business card, or put copies in their waiting room.

    FORBES: Lawyers And Advisers Can Emphasize Value Added With Deborah L. Jacobs' Client Education Brochures

  • Among its flaws, the bill "destroys choice and competition for private insurance and fails to address the core challenge facing small businesses--cost, " wrote Susan Eckerly, top lobbyist for the National Federation of Independent Business, in a letter to House members.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In the week before Christmas some of south Florida's most prominent and powerful civic and business leaders wrote a public letter to him urging him to call off the cruise.

    ECONOMIST: Cuban-Americans and the pope

  • The letter also alleges the business failed to display any warning signs or carry out a risk assessment.

    BBC: Norfolk police officer sues garage after trip on 999 call

  • An earlier version of this editorial mentioned incorrectly that the dean of the graduate business school had not signed the letter and speculated incorrectly about the dean's motives.

    WSJ: Review & Outlook: The Virginia Fracas

  • You would appreciate that your letter was sent outside business hours last Friday and therefore, we were only able to read it with the appropriate attention on the 28th day of July 2008.

    BBC: Exchange of letters between Thanou and IOC

  • National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) President and CEO Ed Bolen immediately responded with a letter to President Obama questioning his decision to mischaracterize business aviation.

    FORBES: Zinger From The President Stings Business Aviation

  • Last week it was Labour boosted by business leaders' support in a newspaper letter - this week the Tories have their turn.

    BBC: Paper's glee at business letter

  • There is just an agreement to pursue increased scheduling of games between the conferences, akin to a non-binding letter of intent in a business joint venture.

    FORBES: How The Pac-12 And Big Ten Plan To Change College Sports

  • The Daily Telegraph makes great play of the letter signed by more than 140 business leaders, endorsing the Conservatives' election campaign.

    BBC: Paper's glee at business letter

  • In 1990, he shared with his stockholders the sample of a letter he had sent to a business owner whose company was a prospective acquisition target for Berkshire Hathaway.

    FORBES: Buffett's Billions Can't Buy Him Exemption From His Tax-Averse Past

  • Our business editor added that Mr Cable's letter, dated 8 February, gives a "brutally frank analysis of what he sees as the shortcomings in the government's industrial and economic policies".

    BBC: Cable calls for RBS to be split up

  • "If you accept the NASD's over 600 new bylaw changes, in this very rushed balloting process during the holiday season, your firm may be regulated out of business within a short time, " the letter says.

    FORBES: Small Brokers Cry For Help

  • But, in their letter to the FT, the business leaders argue that, if the UK left the EU, it could spend 10 years trying to renegotiate the type of trade deals achieved by the 27-member organisation, which could "seriously damage our world-leading exports" of legal and financial services.

    BBC: Business leaders urge Cameron not to 'risk' EU membership

  • That ugly, 13-letter word has become a mantra of business, of politics, even of culture.

    ECONOMIST: A bad time to be an ostrich

  • Business secretary Vince Cable's re-leaked letter which emerged last week said the government lacked "a compelling vision".

    BBC: Competitiveness before breakfast lunch and dinner

  • "We are extremely concerned that the current arrangements for extradition to the US expose British business people to unique and serious risks, " the letter says.

    BBC: NEWS | Business | Bosses decry US extradition law

  • Only after Mr. Smith received a third insistent letter from Mr. Ziegler did he drop his business card into the self-addressed stamped envelope.

    WSJ: Smitten by Smiths: Bob Ziegler

  • "With the situation increasingly untenable for the firm and for me, I have concluded that Pequot can no longer stay in business as an investment advisor, " he said in the letter.

    FORBES: Wall Street

  • The complaint quoted a letter purportedly written by Price in June to acquaintances and business associates.

    CNN: Feds: Georgia banker missing, so is $17 million

  • Between inspections, violations and fines, having to earn letter grades and the soda ban plan, the cost of business is too much, he said.

    WSJ: New York City Soda Restrictions: Ounces of Outrage

  • In this letter we will also review some of the basics of our business, hoping to provide both a freshman orientation session for our BNSF newcomers and a refresher course for Berkshire veterans.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In his first formal response to questions about Karl Rove's activities, White House Counsel Al Gonzales sent a letter to Rep. Henry Waxman, D-California, after the congressman sent Rove a letter seeking information about his stock holdings and his meetings with business executives.

    CNN: White House: No conflict posed by Rove's stocks

  • "While the Chamber applauds extension of AMT relief, it strongly opposes raising taxes to fund relief from a tax that was never intended as a revenue raiser, " the business group's top lobbyist, Bruce Josten, said in a letter sent to member of the House of Representatives Wednesday, in reference to the bill that would temporarily curb the tax.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • She sent the letter to her immediate boss (the AVP of HR) to the business partner of HR who conducts exit interviews, and to the CEO.

    FORBES: The Perfect Resignation Letter

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