• In order to better inform the public, Nairobi broadsheet the Daily Nation has produced a dedicated election site focusing on the candidates, and Mzalendo, developed in partnership with mySociety, enables voters to rate their candidates and access critical information on MPs and parliamentary proceedings.

    CNN: Can mobiles help stop Kenya election violence?

  • Without the broadsheet style, the newspaper looks very different than its print sister and it doesn't offer all of a physical paper's design aesthetics.

    FORBES: Intelligent Investing Panel

  • While Leeds continue to find themselves emblazoned across the tabloids every which way, the Independent on Sunday is the only broadsheet to give the troubled club its full attention.

    BBC: SPORT | The back pages

  • That means that on any one page you will see fewer stories on your screen at any one time, making Facebook seem more like a tabloid newspaper, rather than the more broadsheet look of the past.

    BBC: Facebook��s tabloid new look

  • But Mr Murdoch's powerful British newspapers, the tabloid Sun and the broadsheet Times and Sunday Times, strongly oppose the idea.

    ECONOMIST: European television

  • They probably have more support in the broadsheet newspapers of Europe than they have in the finance ministries and central banks.

    BBC: How the fate of Europe could be decided 'within hours'

  • In recent months, it has phased out the broadsheet edition in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the West Country.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Death of the broadsheet?

  • Newspapers have a love-hate relationship with the Kindle as the larger, broadsheet-readable version of the e-reader isn't as popular as its smaller counterpart, says Seth Jayson, analyst at The Motley Fool.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • An off-shoot of the 215-year-old Glasgow-based Herald, now owned by the Scottish Media Group, the new five-section broadsheet aims to kick the London-based media into touch, and poach some readers from Edinburgh rival Scotland on Sunday along the way.

    BBC: News | UK | Scotland heralds a new Sunday paper

  • And if the smaller Times does win over the diehards, could it spell the death of the broadsheet?

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Death of the broadsheet?

  • The website of the broadsheet newspaper Aftenposten carried a headline on Tuesday evening with a quote from a Swedish psychiatrist expressing surprise.

    BBC: Norwegian disbelief at Breivik 'insanity'

  • But there is another more lofty Fleet Street: Britain is home to a cluster of serious broadsheet papers, the BBC, Thomson-Reuters and, yes, The Economist.

    ECONOMIST: The future of Fleet Street

  • It says it will continue to sell the broadsheet.

    ECONOMIST: Everywhere, broadsheets are shrinking

  • Formed of former players such as Mike Atherton (Times), Mike Selvey (Guardian) and Derek Pringle (Daily Telegraph), it is a startling innovation as if the theatre critics of the major broadsheet papers had given us their Hamlets and King Lears before turning to the arts pages.

    ECONOMIST: Immigrants to the rescue

  • The gap between them is not as wide perhaps as between modern tabloid and broadsheet newspapers, but the analogy applies, I think.

    FORBES: Two Great Historians Talk Alexander the Great Part 3

  • He also writes on racing for the business broadsheet Financial Times.

    CNN: All the world loves a flutter

  • "The Times' traditional broadsheet competitors are best placed to pick up readers not willing to register or pay to see its content, " Experian Hitwise said.

    BBC: Times begins charges for online readers

  • Throw in ITN, Sky, Channel 4 and the newspapers - one broadsheet sent four correspondents - and British outlets alone must have sent 100 people to this tiny place.

    BBC: Newtown overwhelmed by media

  • It requires a big rise in circulation to offset that drop in ad revenue, and few popular broadsheet papers are likely to get the same boost as the Independent, which has a relatively small and young readership.

    ECONOMIST: Everywhere, broadsheets are shrinking

  • The soon-to-be-launched New York Sun, named after a deceased publication famous for whimsically proving the existence of Father Christmas, will be a 12-30-page broadsheet a form of newspaper that, apart from the Times and a handful of other publications founded in the 1800s, has largely ceased to exist.

    ECONOMIST: A noble, if oxymoronic, quest

  • The Press and Journal and the Courier both abandoned their traditional broadsheet format early last year and are now printed on tabloid-sized pages.

    BBC: Scottish regional newspaper sales continue to slide

  • The press, both tabloid and broadsheet, continues to depict Muslims in ways which would simply not be acceptable for any other group in society.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • The local weekly paper has 20 broadsheet pages of job adverts.

    ECONOMIST: The south-east

  • Some broadsheet editors, such as Andrew Marr of the Independent and Alan Rusbridger of the Guardian, accept the Lord Chancellor's argument that press freedom would be better protected by carefully considered parliamentary legislation rather than by random court decisions.

    ECONOMIST: Privacy

  • He has been named editor of the year twice and oversaw the Observer's change from a broadsheet to its current smaller Berliner format.

    BBC: The Independent gets new editor

  • Then, earlier this month, the Hindustan Times, a Delhi-based broadsheet, launched a new Mumbai edition.

    ECONOMIST: Far more news than is fit to print?

  • Two years ago, he controlled a worldwide media empire with the Daily Telegraph--the U.K.'s largest broadsheet newspaper--as its crown jewel.

    FORBES: Lord Black's Bleak Outlook

  • The Independent, which pioneered the switch to compact and soon abandoned its broadsheet version, has been rewarded with a sales increase of over 20 per cent.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Death of the broadsheet?

  • These days Mr Mandelson's circle save much of their vitriol for their old broadsheet friends, and pal up with former enemies at the Sun and the Daily Mail.

    ECONOMIST: From Beaverbrook to Blair

  • The current industry standard, the 16-megabit DRAM, can store the text of 62.5 pages of a broadsheet.


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