• "Happy birthday to me, " I said to the ripening chestnut tree in the front yard, not yet knowing that the gifts I would receive that day would make me agree to return, reluctantly and to protect sacred secrets, to the grief-breathing place of childhood, to the Seaboro River.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Between the Tides'

  • Breathing down their necks in second place are Terry Butcher's Inverness Caledonian Thistle, who are three points adrift having played the same number of matches.

    BBC: First Division leaders Dundee sack manager Jocky Scott

  • The doctor, who has been given anonymity like all the medical witnesses in the case, said Charlotte should be ventilated by way of a tracheostomy - the insertion of a breathing tube through the throat - so further discussions could take place between parents and doctors.

    BBC: NEWS | Health | Don't let baby die, pleads father

  • The smart T-shirt's stretchable fabric holds the sensors firmly in place - the elastic fibres are even used to measure breathing.

    BBC: News | Sci/Tech | Smart baby suit checks for cot death

  • In an ironic twist, one of the showstoppers is the VL Destino, which strips the Karma of its electric drive-train and inserts a fire-breathing, 638-horsepower Corvette ZR-1 gas engine in its place.

    WSJ: Henry Payne: The Motor City Roars Out of Washington's Shadow

  • That's the way it should be and it's really driving us on - you need to play really well to keep your place and if you don't there's someone breathing down your neck.

    BBC: Tom Shanklin column

  • Beijing, naturally, is breathing fire and brimstone over the proposed sale, which is one reason the transaction should take place.


  • The war in Kosovo is a reminder of the split between interventionists, such as Mr McCain, and isolationists, such as Pat Buchanan, a fire-breathing presidential aspirant who says that the United States should never have got involved in the Balkans in the first place.

    ECONOMIST: Out of the dark, Republican glimmers

  • Button's Brawn GP team-mate Rubens Barrichello finished behind the dominant Red Bulls in third place, to close to within 23 points of Button in the world drivers' standings, with Vettel breathing down the Brazilian's neck.

    CNN: Red Bull 1-2 as Vettel claims British GP

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