• Politicians in Belfast, Dublin and London will also watch closely how the new President handles St Patrick's Day celebrations in March, which have been used in the past to give invited Northern Ireland politicians a breathing space in which to reconsider the peace process.

    BBC: Trimble welcomes Bush Presidency

  • It would leave the international community with some breathing space in its efforts to stem Iran's nuclear advance.

    NPR: Iran Nuke Talks Open, EU Asks Tehran To Compromise

  • Above all, the deal provides a breathing-space in which an international effort to stop people dying of cold and hunger can be launched.

    ECONOMIST: A victory for despots?

  • Controls could be justified if they provide a breathing space in which to undertake structural reforms that will engender renewed domestic and foreign investor confidence in Malaysia.


  • Think Quarterly is a breathing space in a busy world.

    FORBES: Think Quarterly: Google's New E-Mag Covers Sexy, Obese ... Data?

  • St Mirren boast a superior goal difference to Killie, but MacPherson is frustrated that his side did not give themselves more breathing space in the fight against the drop.

    BBC: St Mirren manager Gus MacPherson

  • But the operation may at least have bought a breathing space in which the various factions can have one more try at reaching a peace agreement that has some chance of being implemented.

    BBC: UK exit strategy for Sierra Leone

  • The fear is that rather than give the firms a breathing space in which they could complete the restructuring of their operations and extract further concessions from the union, Chapter 11 would set off a downward spiral.

    ECONOMIST: American carmakers

  • Robinson added another penalty in the 73rd minute to give his side further breathing space and then, in the last minute, Tindall drove through another gap in the Leeds defence to cross in the right corner.

    BBC: Leeds 10-26 Gloucester

  • However, it has not yet become so and in that breathing space the global authorities, the EU and the Greek political elite do have the space to do some form of controlled default, as the IMF believed Argentina should have done.

    BBC: What might a Greek default look like?

  • Then there's the fact that the president's stated goal of the surge was not just to increase security in Iraq, but also to improve stability enough that it would provide "breathing space" for political reconciliation in the Iraqi government.

    CNN: Analysis: Bush buys time with speech full of contradictions

  • In this tense breathing-space before the vote, the country is relatively quiet, though on October 1st, for instance, there was a fierce clash between the fledgling national army and one of the armed groups that are still resisting government authority in the east.

    ECONOMIST: The speeches are fierce, the times are tense

  • "The slight slowdown will give economies in the region some breathing space, " he says.

    CNN: ASIANOW - Asiaweek

  • They now have a breathing space of seven days in which to sue for peace before the next phase of the battle is due to start.

    BBC: Scent of possible compromise

  • Wales, by contrast, totalled 14 points from the boots of fly-half Stephen Jones and centre James Hook, the latter's late drop-goal giving Wales breathing space as Italy pressed in the final quarter.

    BBC: Wales indiscipline daft says Lions centre Jamie Roberts

  • General Petraeus candidly admits that the surge will be in vain unless the breathing space his troops are trying to create is used by the Shia-led government to embrace a wider range of Sunnis, offering concessions on among other things the constitution and the sharing of oil.


  • But, of course, what the Pakistanis have to give away in order to get this breathing space, this is what is creating the problems and the tension.

    NPR: Is It Worth Negotiating with Pakistani Militants?

  • In the end, Brady was an accounting trick that gave breathing space and it was possible because of the political and economic strength of the USA in the economy of 1989 (and the non-controversiality of accounting tricks in that just-born global finance system).

    BBC: The state of play in Athens

  • Nobody dislikes the idea of better American relations with Russia: it gives us breathing space, says a senior politician in the region.

    ECONOMIST: Central and eastern European security

  • And the home side gained some breathing space when King went flying over in the same corner after good work by Louis Anderson.

    BBC: Warrington Wolves 33-8 Bradford Bulls

  • In 2001, after a brief breathing space following Hafez Assad's death known as the Damascus Spring, the new president clamped down on dissent.

    ECONOMIST: Revolt and repression in Syria

  • It said that against a background of fragile recovery in manufacturing, business needs a breathing space to allow tentative signs of improving conditions to take a firmer hold.

    BBC: Bank leaves UK rates on hold

  • In 1402, he turned on, and defeated, the Ottoman Turks, thus giving Christendom a breathing-space after the crushing defeats inflicted on it by the Ottomans at Kosovo in 1389 and Nicopolis seven years later.

    ECONOMIST: Tamerlane: Lame but never halting | The

  • For the most part, though, this is a breathing space budget, with welcome tax breaks in the short term, but more pain to come.

    BBC: The breathing space budget

  • Time after time, peredyshka (or "breathing space") afforded the central authorities in the USSR by the generous interventions of well-meaning Western governments and financial institutions has enabled the Soviet system to survive the pressure of the moment and defer adoption of needed democratic and free market reforms.


  • "In the eight months since President Bush announced the surge, we have spent tens of billions of dollars, over 700 American servicemen and women have sacrificed their lives, and nearly 4, 400 have been wounded -- all to provide breathing space for the Iraqi government to engage in political reconciliation, " Dodd said.

    CNN: 2008 politics woven through Iraq hearings

  • However, the domestic carmakers were in no position to take advantage of the breathing space.

    ECONOMIST: Theme and variations

  • Hopes for dialog in the Middle East also gave oil some breathing space, with European Union policy chief Javier Solana telling the media that he hoped to meet with his Iranian counterpart before the end of the month.

    FORBES: Dollar Beats Back Oil

  • Most people in Jenin think the talks will just give Israel breathing space to keep the status quo.

    ECONOMIST: Palestinians and the talks

  • But England's success had been shaped in the field where the clinical fashion in which the Kiwis were dismissed allowed for some breathing space despite a batting blip.

    BBC: World Cup joy for England women

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