• It would be misguided, in our view, to break with the system that has worked so well for so long.

    WHITEHOUSE: VP's Remarks to London Cyberspace Conference

  • The steps, however, fall short of Shiite demands to break the current system, which allows rulers to hand-pick Cabinet members and other key posts.

    NPR: Talks To End Bahrain Crisis Begin Amid Mistrust

  • Finally, four years later, he tried to break the postal system into four companies and privatise them, albeit in a slow process due to last until 2017.

    ECONOMIST: It deserves, for Japan's sake, to be rewarded

  • Where did the system break down on U.S. Growth.

    FORBES: One has to ask what took Vanguard so long?

  • The Healthy Americans Act I am currently co-sponsoring represents a complete break with the past as far as legislative initiatives are concerned--the past is nibbling around the edges of the current system--and this act says we are going to break with the current system by changing the tax laws and allowing the individual to purchase their own plan.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Every month it appears more likely that the pay-TV system will break down.

    ECONOMIST: The future of pay-television

  • At the very least, then, Fat Land's original prediction that obesity "might" break our health care system seems optimistic.

    NPR: Rabid Reader: 'Fat Land' and U.S. Supersizing

  • Government support to the banking system can break the cycle of panic and pessimism that threatens to suck the economy into deep recession.

    ECONOMIST: America's bail-out plan

  • Yortsos said the system will break new ground, much like the first commercially available computer in the United States, the Universal Automatic Computer (Univac).

    FORBES: Lockheed Martin Installs Quantum Computer

  • Add revenue from membership fees and advertising, then subtract the cost of setting up charging stations and operating expenses, and such a system could break even in the first year.

    FORBES: Car Sharing

  • He says elected officials may be hesitant to create yet another victims fund, but without a fund, he says, battered New Orleans court system could break down under the strain of post-Katrina lawsuits.

    NPR: Lawsuits Filed Over New Orleans Levee Breaks

  • In Europe the trucking industry has settled on a technology called selective catalytic reduction, in which urea is periodically injected into the exhaust system to break down the NOx, converting nitrogen oxides into (somewhat) harmless ammonia.

    FORBES: Clearing the Air

  • The Fed has tried to pump money into the banking system to break the log jam, first by opening up its discount window to deposit banks and then by inventing a new term auction program for them.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Ashkan Soltani, an independent privacy and security researcher, said such a move would give attackers "a toehold" in Twitter's internal network, potentially allowing them either to sniff out user information as it traveled across the company's system or break into specific areas, such as the authentication servers that process users' passwords.

    NPR: Twitter Says Hackers Compromise 250K Accounts

  • If the excessive input continues, the chaos eventually becomes so great that the system begins to break down.

    FORBES: Connect

  • But as money became easier, the system started to break down.

    ECONOMIST: Spare a thought for shareholders

  • So the company has teamed up with a small venture-backed company that has developed a system that can break down some of that trash fast and turn it into natural gas, electricity, compost or all of the above, making some of that trash even more valuable.

    FORBES: Waste Management's New Way of Managing Waste: Speed Composting

  • Managing innovation is about the techniques for developing better products and services coupled to the ability to break through bottlenecks in the system, from sourcing through to delivery, in a global economy which is no longer progressive (from emerging to advanced), but is fractured between advanced, decaying, emerging, emerged and frontier.

    FORBES: Why Competing Is Getting Harder (And What to do About It)

  • But those states that make the break will be stronger and our system of federalism will be more secure.

    FORBES: States Should Break Their Addiction To Medicaid

  • The question that has plagued Liberals for more than half a century is how a third party can break open a two-party system.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • Or if a break-in occurs, the system can save the 15 seconds or so of video preceding the moment when its motion sensor was triggered.

    FORBES: ADT iPhone App Lets You Play Big Brother In Your Own Home

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